How to overcome any Etsy algorithm change and find the right Etsy SEO to become successful selling on Etsy! What’s up Etsy sellers? In this video I go over 2 …


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  1. Beth P
    Beth P says:

    Instead of using the Revenue or Conversion Rate column, what would a person who has all OOAK items use? Visits? All my items have 0% conversion because they are OOAK.
    Also, I think it would be great if you did some quick tutorials on what you’re talking about. I’m sure many viewers have a difficult time trying to figure out what you’re saying, as they are more picture oriented. Your tips are valuable, but I think they need to have pictures behind them.

  2. Mike Lofing
    Mike Lofing says:

    Crap! We just went through our entire shop changing pictures, variations and key words trying to jump start it… you're right, doing it all at once, absolutely killed it. Wish I knew this 2 months ago.


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