7 Advanced SEO Techniques To Use In 2019 | Neil Patel


Today I’m going to share with you 7 advanced SEO techniques for your business. These SEO tactics should be used in 2019. This type of SEO strategy goes …


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  1. vinod pandey
    vinod pandey says:

    Neil I hav a question for you. I want to ask that have you ever face problems in your whole blogging courier, have you ever feel like this field is not for you. If the answer is yes then plz make a separate video on this topic that how you defeat your failure 😊😊. # legendary INDIA.

  2. LeNard Simmons
    LeNard Simmons says:

    No, I'm getting results where I'm ranking on page 1 position 1; for most of my content. I just want to see what you have to share that is going to be new to me. Thank you, brother, you got great content, and I have learned a ton from you over the years. seconds 2 work

  3. Jaya Vishwakarma
    Jaya Vishwakarma says:


    I think that a blogger should not serve any type of ads on the starting area of the post, As many of us saw that a movie or any type of T.V show don't serve ads on the starting, they serve ads in the middle time and that's what creates a user engagement.

    Like if a blogger serves the google ads on the whole area of a post, It won't worth it for the advertiser, also for a visitor, Because it won't create an impact on the visitor.

    So, according to me, the blogger should serve small size ads (not banner ads) in the middle area of the post and that's won't affect the user engagement because the user is coming to see your content, not first an advertisement and most of the bloggers doing the same mistake, they serve ads on the starting to increase their Google Adsense balance.

    What's your opinion regarding this?

    Loving your content😊


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