7 Easy SEO Hacks that Brought EPIC Results!


We’re true believers that content is king. Top notch content is one of the best approaches to SEO for informational, income-generating websites. But there are …


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  1. Caroline Powley
    Caroline Powley says:

    Love your videos! You two are the real deal and so appreciate your honesty on the wild west of the internet! Have a question. Could you give a written title example of the buffet title on a post? You mentioned kittens.. From what you spoke of, it made me confused about the title length. Google won't mind all the extra in parentheses? Thank you! Caroline Powley

  2. Commit
    Commit says:

    5. "Break huge posts into multi-page posts": This goes against everything you've been saying about pillar posts being the content that does best? Now you're saying that you should be breaking up pillar posts into smaller, multiple posts? So, which is it? Why has your strategy changed in 2019?

  3. Megan Joseph
    Megan Joseph says:

    Let's all think of a new awesome term to replace the word "hacks" in our post titles…..please! Thank you!! AWESOME SEO suggestions/tips/pointers/ideas/steps/…..okay, hacks…there is currently no worthy replacement coming to mind! Carry on with the "hacks"! 🙂 Thanks for the awesome video and helpful content! -Megan from kayakingkids.com

  4. Mr Knight
    Mr Knight says:

    Starting with small topics is so counter intuitive but it does make sense. Get some posts to rank #1 on smaller less crowded topics and work your way up. Its foolish to think you can create a site and right off the bat get the credibility you need to rank on page one. Thank god it doesnt work that way, google would be hell.

  5. Christopher Stuart
    Christopher Stuart says:

    that date plugin hasn't been updated in a long time, so not very worthwhile. also, while it seems like a good idea, i feel like hiding dates would be something google might pick up on, so while on the surface it sounds good, i personally think it might be dangerous. something probably worth researching further before doing this.

  6. Marc Owen Banks
    Marc Owen Banks says:

    One key element for me is a content maintenance review. I don't worry about date remover plugins, I have a schedule to review all content in a mangeable timeline, review the content to ensure it is not aged or if there is a new question that could be answered. I can get around 100's of articles each month. Fresh and funky!

  7. Ken Yamamoto
    Ken Yamamoto says:

    Neil Patel recommends adding dates in the post (or title) so researchers can see it in Google and see that it's updated. You just have to update the dates and the information every year so it's updated. And when you update a post, Google will consider it as a new post. Is this true?

  8. Paul Argueta
    Paul Argueta says:

    Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

  9. Justin Reasoner
    Justin Reasoner says:

    1. Titles that reflect helpfulness (a helpful illustrated guide) 2:18
    2. Check what people are searching on your site 5:15
    3. Stop displaying post dates after one year 6:45
    4. The buffet title for generic searches 8:40
    5. Break huge posts into multi-page posts 12:30
    6. Format titles as statements rather then a question 13:58
    7. Start your website with small specific posts 16:33

    Wanted to be able to reference these, so here are the timestamps if that helps anyone else.


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