Grey Hat SEO Techniques That Still Work In 2019


In today’s video, you’re going to learn more about private blog networks and their ability to rank money websites in SEO. Now to this day, people have been …


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  1. The Man Voiss
    The Man Voiss says:

    One of my competitors was using scorpion 🦂 and just tanked because of sketchy masked web properties. On the other hand, I feel that if you build legitimate content through different channels that are disassociated with the infrastructure of your "money" site, then it is much more sustainable, and authentic.

    Update: u got it, nail on the head!

    Diversify your links, content, linking strategy etc.


  2. Vincent Van Gogh
    Vincent Van Gogh says:

    You are approaching the question from wrong perspective. The problem is that you can't buy quality domains anymore. Everything is abused and it's close to impossible to find a quality domain in the same niche as money site.

  3. kam hang yam
    kam hang yam says:

    this is crazy… last week I went through the video and try one of your tactic which i never try before. guess what I sky rock one of the most competitive keyword in hong kong. Original the money site only rank around 80 which is page 8-9. yesterday, it went up to number 10, which is page two. thank you very much. really. hope you can post more SEO video i must pay 100% attention on each of them.

  4. Flannel Guy DIY
    Flannel Guy DIY says:

    ok i have a question. I have a 14 yr old website that has decent rankings for its niche. I also participate in an industry blog where for years I was linking to my website from that blog. It likely has hundreds of links to my site going back a dozen year. It sounds like google will penalize me soon (if not already) for what would look like spammy links from that blog. Should I go back and delete a lot of those links from the blog? or possibly change the anchor texts so they are not so similar?

  5. Bakers Tree Service
    Bakers Tree Service says:

    This pbn I just dont understand it …….I'm thinking its something g like what I just described….help!!!!!!!
    Also…..I got all yr videos memorized….I sleep to them…I listen in my truck and while I'm at work I have my earphones.. I stopped listning to music. N listen to u. I'm done with tree work…….and If i copy cat exactly what yr doing ……..yr business model is living proof of success. I see you've already hit your $100000 gold mark That was last year right

  6. Commit
    Commit says:

    I haven't done any link building, but I go throguh my website's referring domains on AHREFS and I have all these weird websites linking to me that look like what you are describing… Dont know why they are linking to me, I didn't even buy them.

  7. URB Tech
    URB Tech says:

    Hey man, love your content! Just wondering if you could do a video with an updated tutorial for outsourcing using seoreseller as the website packages are different from when you did your last video on it 🙂

  8. Zach Sasser
    Zach Sasser says:

    Hey Ruan,

    As far as local rank and rent sites go, do you have a video explaining how to cover and rank in multiple cities?

    Is it possible?

    SEO or maps?

    Love the content man, you’re a G!

  9. Hopeton Wilson
    Hopeton Wilson says:

    I have been following your channel for over a year now and think you are one of the best channel on seo on youtube. I stopped doing seo over a few years ago because it was so difficult to rank my websites even keywords which the seo tools said was easy to rank. Also Seo usually take about 6 months to see any results and i do not have that patience. What is the best way to get instant ranking for low to medium competition keywords?

  10. Stamson
    Stamson says:

    What makes a good candidate for a 301? Let's say I have 10 expired domains in my control for PBN, which one should I use for a 301? Is it just the one with the highest metrics, or is the one with most relevancy?

  11. Josh Brown
    Josh Brown says:

    Ruan, regarding the fresh EMD domain to 301 at the money site: Should we hit the new EMD with all our PBNs at once or spread them out? Also, how much content on the EMD? Thanks so much — definitely gonna try it!

  12. 24SevenMarketing
    24SevenMarketing says:

    What is a good number of websites to make up a PBN? Would it be better to have s PBN focused on plumping and a different one focused on roofing … or it would it be better to have a PBN focused on home services snd home repair?


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