How to RANK Quickly w/ Page Titles (SEO HACK!!!)


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  1. Moom
    Moom says:

    Thank you so much Ryan for your time and efforts, highly appreciated. Can you please do a video on how to write a blog post ? 😘

  2. Alisa Weber
    Alisa Weber says:

    Hey Ryan. I just discovered your channel. Thank you for this really informative and interesting video and all the other videos on your channel and which may come in the future. You make a great teacher!
    I have one question about keywords. For the blogpost at 21:12 you said „best huarache“ is your keyword with a high search volume. In the title you did use „best Nike air huarache…“. so my question is: does google consider ‘best huarache’ still as your keyword with that high search volume even though you added “Nike air” into it? Or is the actual keyword you used “best Nike air huarache” now, which might has a lower search volume compared to only “best huarache”?
    Another question concerning somehow a similar issue : does google understands grammatical changes and things like singular and plural forms of a word? For instance would google recognize ‘shoelace” and the plural form ‘shoelaces’ as the same keyword? Especially since „shoelace“ is part of the „shoelaces“? What is the best practice for usage of keywords in those cases? Do I need to check single and plural forms of each word and choose the one with higher search volume or doesn’t it matter because google „knows“ it means the same word? I feel like I heard different opinions about that tropic. So what would you recommend?

    Thanks for answering in advance!


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