The Elementor Yoast SEO Integration Isn't Perfect, Here's How I Do It


Grab Your Free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: The Elementor Yoast SEO Integration Isn’t Perfect, Here’s How I Do It …


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  1. Jason Bourgeois
    Jason Bourgeois says:

    Could you build your pages and post templates in Elementor's theme builder first then manage your dynamic content the old fashioned way on WordPress back end (with the classic editor)? obviously this wont work with static pages with fancy designs etc but for the day to day blog posts etc this should work right?

  2. WolverineMKD
    WolverineMKD says:

    Hey dude, can you please help me out and explain to me how to optimize the main posts page?
    Because all my posts are shown there but I can not optimize it at all this is what it says:
    You are currently editing the page that shows your latest posts.

    Now i know why is this but what should i do to make it SEO friendly?
    Should i only add the main Yoast Options like title, meta desc, slug to say blog?
    Or should i give it a keyword name that is mostly used on my blog?
    (Maybe make a video on this, i dont know how long can it be tho)
    **(yes i tried googling and failed)

  3. Aaron Cooke
    Aaron Cooke says:

    Why not just use a second tab?

    Open one tab with the "pages" page in the admin panel and a separate tab making changes in Elementor. Once you "Update" the page in one tab, it will change on the other tab you have open with Yoast.

    You can get really clever and use two separate windows, each taking up 50% of the width of your screen, then you can see the changes in real time side-by-side.

  4. WolverineMKD
    WolverineMKD says:

    Oh a about a better way, maybe its not better but it helps for me after i design the whole site with elementor i demolish it by going back to clasic and editing the HTML structure of the H1,H2, p etc… and than go back to elementor.
    Sometimes the yoast indicators don't show correctly even tho you have set up everything properly in elementor.
    Yup its a struglle but for those who know HTML, dont be afraid even when you edit and break your site, at the end just do edit with elementor and everything will be as you made it before. Hope this makes any sense 🙂

  5. Jim Kernicky
    Jim Kernicky says:

    Do you think Elementor automatically added the keyword to the page image? I would assume the title was tied to the image for Tel Aviv and it put it in there for you. You should give that a quick test.

  6. Eric Rounds
    Eric Rounds says:

    Good stuff here! I use tabs to go between edit and elementor. Yes, it’s tedious. I’m wondering since there is a Yoast ACF plug-in, could there possibly be an opportunity for a plug-in developer to create a Yoast Elementor plugin? And now I need to walk my Donkey!

  7. Kolya Tolboy
    Kolya Tolboy says:

    I met a Polish guy last year who wanted help writing a CV. His English was terrible and when I asked him what he worked at previously he said he was a "sheep supervisor". Turns out he was a shepherd! Your donkey walking reminded me of him!! But another great video Bjorn. It is a bit of 'hard work' I agree – jumping between Elementor and Yoast, but at least thanks to you, we know how to do it. Very many thanks.

  8. diakanos
    diakanos says:

    Thanks. Love the shtick! Exactly what I needed. Was thinking of building everything in Gutenberg from here on. That going back and forth in Elementor is a pain! Any advice? Looking for a good theme to switch to for my shop. Blessings.


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