How Google Search indexes JavaScript sites - JavaScript SEO


Martin Splitt, Webmaster Trends Analyst, explains how JavaScript influences SEO and how to optimize your JavaScript-powered website to be search-friendly.


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  1. Рустам М
    Рустам М says:

    Спасибо за урок.
    Ожидал конечно больше инфы, подробностей, тем более тема актуальная, но ничего, подождем новых видосов.

  2. Gabsi Mohamed
    Gabsi Mohamed says:

    it seems good but actually it render JS but positions are always not good, Google still appreciate html websites ( I have a platform developped with angular 6 ) it's indexed yes but positions are not really good like my other websites

  3. SpaceRanger
    SpaceRanger says:

    My website is perfectly mobile friendly, but when I do a live test with Search Console it says that there are problems with content wider than screen and content too close together. Those pages are edited with Elementor and they are published recently. Is it showing this error because the rendering of the java is not yet done properly on my pages, or should I look into it?

    I've tested personaly with multiple devices and my page is optimized for every device and the content looks great.


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