How I Ranked "New York SEO" #1 In Less Than 90 Days


In today’s video I cover exactly how I ranked the keyword “new york seo” in less than 90 days: Subscribe to the channel …


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  1. Life's Wisdom
    Life's Wisdom says:

    Hey Ruan, I’m back again! Love the content! I am helping a buddy start up an auto detailing business I was looking you up on Ahrefs your number one for like 10 different major keywords! Anyway you can tell me where to buy those backlimks specifically on fiverr or elsewhere? Thank you!

  2. Thaddeus DeWyse
    Thaddeus DeWyse says:

    I’m new here. Awesome information!! I’m trying so hard to start my own business and digital marketing seems to be what I want to go for. The biggest thing I like about this service is that everyone involved benefits.

  3. Fozail Raja
    Fozail Raja says:

    Hi Ruan, I work from home and I will like to rank in a bigger city closeby in the same county. My first question is…does UPS address works for local listings especially google? If not then what can I do to rank in other cities. At this point I cannot spend money on an office space. Thank you!

  4. David gdf4521
    David gdf4521 says:

    another dickhead using pbn and scammy tactics, some loser like you if u were that good u would be running a large agency earning a million a week but ur making videos earning 250 a week, next week he'll have a course that you can buy, then there will be an upgrade like 1 on one session to learn fraud n how to spam our way to a Google penalty, just another scammer I looked at the website and it used dynamic linking it put my suburb in there wow what a fuktard

    it's funny all u retards always bust onto the scenes then give it a year and ur nowhere to be found or just as broke as u r today hahahahah


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