Want to learn TOP SEO hacks for social media in 2019? You NEED to watch this! If you want to beat the instagram algorithm, how to rank higher for youtube …


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  1. Ravi Jeet Singh
    Ravi Jeet Singh says:

    You're such a beautiful, free spirited soul Vanessa! You offer such amazing value, and you're pretty darn cute too! Marry me! I'll make you breakfast everyday! 😂😍💓😘

  2. Mariam's Lifestyle
    Mariam's Lifestyle says:

    You’re genius ❤️❤️I always find helpful tips on your videos and new tips not same tips all the time like concistence,thumbnail 😂 because I think u can be consistent and have good thumbnail and stil your channel is not going to grow because you need extra things like what you mentioned
    Thank you so much bless you 😘

  3. Ahmed Naguib
    Ahmed Naguib says:

    Thanks for great video and awesome information
    Please don’t connect the 🎤 to your body because you moves a lot and the noise of the movement of the 🎙 sores my ears 👂

  4. Michael A. Castaneda
    Michael A. Castaneda says:

    One way I've got free transcription is by uploading my video to FB and then altering the text there, copy and then pasting it over to my YouTube channel. It takes some time, but totally worth it for my FB and YT audience.

  5. Megan Marie
    Megan Marie says:

    Thank you for telling us all of this information!I had no idea that SEO was so important haha. I will definitely use these tips now

    p.s. I make travel videos and any support would help so much!

  6. Entrepreneur From Scratch
    Entrepreneur From Scratch says:

    For the youtube transcribing, just download the transcription, and upload it using the “with timings” option, which is done when downloading the transcription. Save money, time, and the headaches. I used this on a bunch of videos!

  7. Michaela McMellan
    Michaela McMellan says:

    Does any one struggle with an end goal??? For my consumer funnel I know I want to start with getting 500 REAL and meaningful followers and really engage with them, then I want to provide free consulting to them – getting their email in this step – but then…. idk what I want my final service to be? I have a few clients that a run their entire social media for my I’m not sure if that should be my end goal… I think I’d run out of time for my clients… any suggestions anyone??

  8. Darius Angello
    Darius Angello says:

    Contact crown for all you hack issues. He is the best there is. I trust him so much, his jobs are always reliable and professional. He is also very affordable. Contact Crown on instagram @crown.hacker or on whatsapp +15082035479


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