The Two Biggest SEO Opportunities in 2019


Google released featured snippets back in 2015, but they are increasing in visibility in nearly every search result. Many believe that this is the end of SEO and …


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  1. Jeff Fulkerson
    Jeff Fulkerson says:

    You know you spend too much time with someone when you start dressing alike! But seriously, thanks another informative video. Looking forward to see how much more info is in Project 24.

  2. Ade2Bee
    Ade2Bee says:

    I am confused… In one of the videos the other day you were saying that you had to do a niche website on what you know about because if you don’t know about it… Know you say that you are buying content about stuff that you don’t know about? I’m not doubting your ability… It’s just that I’ve picked up a lot from what you said and I have been confused by the two videos I watched lately

  3. Kris Roadruck
    Kris Roadruck says:

    It looks like your camper report domain lost about 30% of its keywords and traffic after the march 12th broad core update. Have you identified what caused this drop yet?

  4. Megan Joseph
    Megan Joseph says:

    Love how excited you are in this video and very useful two points, but I'll have to watch it again….for some reason a little harder for me to follow than some of your other videos. Two great points but some of it lost me a bit. -Megan from

  5. pursueadventure
    pursueadventure says:

    Great video. Thank you for the information. Are you able to elaborate on "spending 10K a month buying content" wondering what that looks like on at a macro (10,000 foot) level?

  6. Paul
    Paul says:

    Hey guys, quick question – have you used Page Jump links in any of your posts and if you have, have you seen more or less traffic/shares/clicks/profits etc. (FYI the page jump links I'm on about are on-page links to other subheadings)

  7. Chris Tyson
    Chris Tyson says:

    Greetings from the UK. First and foremost, I must tell you I love your content and I've learned a lot but I think the time has come for you to address Backlinks – especially since Camper Report has one of the most well crafted "do-follow" link profiles I have seen. Further, the link profile of CR and Dirt Bike Planet does conflict with your advice from a video you guys made a while back stating that "link building is useless". The reason I believe it is only fair that you touch on this topic is that the most prolific "do-follow" site you're getting links from is also being used by corporate companies. Thus, the idea that "link building is useless" is very hard to digest.

  8. Paul Argueta
    Paul Argueta says:

    Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.


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