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Welcome to another episode of JavaScript SEO! In this video, Webmaster Trends Analyst Martin Splitt helps us understand what it means to have a “javascript …


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  1. Shao Chieh Lo
    Shao Chieh Lo says:

    What if some links that are supposed to be indexable is in the source code, but display attribute is set to none and only show to the user upon interaction? Would that be a problem? like a lot of dropdown menus items

  2. Lukasz Zelezny
    Lukasz Zelezny says:

    JavaScript and SEO – choose one.

    Let’s make this clear.
    You don’t care about organic traffic? – fine; write your website using anything. Even JavaScript.

    If you do however do care then please stop wishful thinking and pretending all is fine because you have prerender. The solution is simple – avoid JavaScript.

    Because you really don’t need all that headache.

  3. Harry Manchanda
    Harry Manchanda says:

    For SPA …

    Two option for SEO are

    1. Static Site Generation (Client) – Gatsby(React), Gridsome(Vue)
    2. Server Side Rendering – Next(React), Nuxt(Vue), Angular Universal


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