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  1. Jock Stender
    Jock Stender says:

    A uniquely helpful lecture. Question: Do Google spiders or bots read "comments" posted under YouTube videos? If so, what if anything do they tell the YouTube publisher? If not, do you foresee Google spiders or bots ever being used for any purpose?

  2. umair qureshi
    umair qureshi says:

    Hi Sam,
    This is my first comment in your video.
    If all of people use these techniques to rank better in YouTube. So how YouTube algorithm decide to rank which video in 1st place?
    Plz answer this.

  3. Arthur
    Arthur says:

    Sam, you've done it again! Such a great overview. Tell me, couldn't you also spot what kws bring up the Google video carousel with a regular keyword search in Ahrefs, click view all and the select the video SERP feature? That said, I have noticed kws show up in that report and upon googling, don't actually see any. How often do SERPs change to include or remove video features?

  4. Cue View
    Cue View says:

    I think I´m in love with you.

    The weird thing is that I don't like guys and I´m an old dude.

    You are the best spokesperson in our industry.

    Thanks, man.

  5. Gaming Gajju
    Gaming Gajju says:

    Hii Sam,

    From last 4 Months my site's traffic is day by day decreasing from 600 visitors daily to 150 visitors.

    Why this happening i m really demotivated please guide me 🤕

  6. Jared Scott
    Jared Scott says:

    What do you recommend to edit your video footage? The list of options are a bit overwhelming and I know everyone has their personal preferences, but do you have a recommendation?


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