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In this video of the JavaScript SEO series, Webmaster Trends Analyst, Martin Splitt shares how to make your React apps discoverable in search and how to …


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  1. Russell Jensen
    Russell Jensen says:

    Could client side rendering through React get us a manual action? We don't hide anything, all our structured data is visible to the user. But we are using client side rendering with React. We are in process of fixing it but our Jobs posting website has this message: "JobPosting structured data found on pages that don't have job posting content". It just seems to me that a manual reviewer would see what our users see? I could understand if we got dinged algorithmically, but I'm perplexed at the manual action.

  2. Ezequiel Tojo
    Ezequiel Tojo says:

    I'm starting in the React's world. This video was more enlightening than all the tuts I saw xD. Thank you. I think it's going to be a good start knowing all these things.

  3. Good Morning
    Good Morning says:

    Thank you very much, Martin. It's a really incredible series of videos which start closing some JS SEO gaps. Can't believe it hasn't 1 million views already. hashtag react

  4. ImarmoladaI
    ImarmoladaI says:

    Hi, I have problem with Lighthouse and React CSR website. When running Speed and Performance Test ,the load time of page is quite nice when checking in but really poor in Lighthouse report. What does it mean? Does Google takes only Performance metrics from Lighthouse or it is not the only source of defining site speed, TFBs and other metrics? From where does those differences between tools came from? Anyone else have this problem?

  5. Reggie
    Reggie says:

    Fantastic, thank you so much for making these, please keep these coming. Professional SEO for a large website and have not found anything as useful as this about JS SEO before 🙂

  6. Rafæl Couto
    Rafæl Couto says:

    – React devs: Look, now react is SEO, you just need to use react.router to handle your request and react-helmet to add metadata and react-snap to prerender the content to a static file.

    – Me:🤔So why don't you go for the static file on the 1st place?

  7. Daniel V
    Daniel V says:

    Thanks for this.

    Was laughing now at the one position I had at a previous company.
    In the interview they told me I will have to do SEO on a Single Page Application.

    As interviews sometimes go, you a bit nervous, and all I heard was Single Pager. (Infinity page, one pager).
    Saying, ah yeah, it will be hard, but through a good blog and content strategy you can rank the blog and point to the website.

    My first day at the office, "aaaaaaah" it is a Single Page Application, JavaScript. And Google Crawlers and JS at the time was still newish.

    I learned a lot and had to think creative to make it work.

  8. Lucho Andrade
    Lucho Andrade says:

    Okay so with the 3 methods you mentioned you can make sure SPAs are indexable. Nevertheless, are all article pages from your example going to be indexable without pre-rendering or SSR?

  9. Luka Sh
    Luka Sh says:

    Nice series Martin, keep it up!
    Just wondering, is it possible that you can say something about "single-page apps" created only with AJAX calls? Thanks in advance


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