SEO For Beginners: How To Rank Your Website On The First Page!


SEO for beginners tutorial on how to rank your website on the first page in 2018. You won’t need to spend any money on an SEO company. SEO and Affiliate …


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  1. Snorch
    Snorch says:

    I'm going to go a bit against the most popular comments here. I liked the video, it's informative and explains things in detail. But what I disliked is that "trust me, I'm the expert" constant attitude. According to him, Neil Pattel or Yoast SEO plugin, two of the most influential SEO information sources and obviously his competitors, are COMPLETELY POINTLESS, and he justifies it with a "trust me" comment.

    I may believe that his competitors want to sell and may exaggerate what they tell you, but dismissing them as completely pointless justifying it by only saying "trust me" I don't think it's realistic.

    They are tools, with their pros and cons, but they are useful to some degree and he could do a better job by showing it instead of dismissing them.

  2. Crazy Cool Compilations Channel
    Crazy Cool Compilations Channel says:

    Bro i gotta say that just from implementing the videos at the bottom of the page alone as you mentioned has IMMEDIATELY upped my "time on page" , "pages/session", and "session duration" numbers in my google analytics! Whoa! Also in relation to linking out to other sites you used in your illustration and mentioned to link out to 2 sites…Is 2 sufficient or is it a case of the more sites we link out to the better? Gracias My Dude!

  3. tehr0x
    tehr0x says:

    Great video, lots of value. Came to your videos from the "other" guy and I'm so glad I did, much more practical information instead of the hyperbole 👍

  4. Sortlist
    Sortlist says:

    like it! thanks!😁 We also publish videos about SEO! Could you give me some feedback? Thank you! 😀 Don't forget to subscribe if you like it!!😀


  5. Jesse RH
    Jesse RH says:

    Thanks, I built my WordPress website n using Host gator as a web host. Got 5 pages of content cuz each page is a category n goes into detail of each category. My last page is my affiliate page which I'm doing tomorrow because I wanted to wait til last so my 6 month time clock starts when my page is ready to go Live but I been trynna configure my SEO settings. Thanks for the video bro. I learned everything from YouTube even got the idea from researching passive income ideas. After this is generating $$ i already have 2 niche ideas for other sites. Let's get this money y'all!!


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