Simple SEO Strategy: The “Middleman” Method


Want to know an SEO strategy that works to rank product pages, landing pages, AND blog posts? It’s called the ‘Middleman method.’ Subscribe …


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    ARCHIT SINGH says:

    Hi Sam, that's again really great video again. Thank you Thank you Thank you so much for loads of information you share with us. It is always being good to see you every week. We can also use guest blogging opportunity to make blog post and link through internal links ;). Just have a question "Can you share your expertise on how to find webmasters of websites like Forbes or HubSpot?"

  2. MO Nour
    MO Nour says:

    Great video as always, when I dig deeper in seo, I feel it's just backlinks game and nothing else.

    Out of all those 200 factors, nothing really matters like backlinks, which is really unfair. There is only 10 spots, and google making them less every day.

    There is almost no chance for new sites, i'm working on one for 3 months now, and my competitions is simply buying links, however my content is better, besides that they are older than me in the game.

    So many times I think I need to depend on social media or other platforms to get traffic, since seo will take ages, and even then it won't be much, I don't have the same amount of money.

  3. Narayan Adhikari
    Narayan Adhikari says:

    Hi sam my request is please make a video on How to steal competitors featured snippets. We both are ranked on a first page but his post is old and he featured on snippets, i am not😢
    Hope you will help me☺

  4. Bostjan Tanko
    Bostjan Tanko says:

    Great info Sam. And not to long ago when I started paying more attention to this structure called "Middle man". Works great and my rankings improved!
    You should all try what Sam just showed you!


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