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  1. R. Scott Duncan
    R. Scott Duncan says:

    Very helpful information. I've made a few changes that you've suggested. One question though. I've had my Squarespace website for a while and thought to change a few things to see if I could increase SEO. My slugs have been quite short for my main pages. Blogs seem to have more thought into them. If changing old slugs that have been crawled for a number of years to new slugs, is it a good idea to add redirects for the old slugs? I'm not really too good at this stuff. Thanks!

  2. Carprincess
    Carprincess says:

    Thanks for the video and the explanation of sitemapping. It's so great to hear the phrase that "SEO is a marathon and not a sprint" so many people think that you'll rank overnight, but that's totally not the case!

  3. raja kumari
    raja kumari says:

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  4. Tim Z
    Tim Z says:

    Hello. Great video. I have a question: I have a gallery page for images and I don't want that page to be accessed by people so I hide it from search engines in the page settings. However, I want to use the gallery on another page that I DO want to be crawled – will the information in the gallery be crawled on the page that I put the gallery on?


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