The 27 Most Important Lessons We've Learned About SEO


SEO is always changing and as we’ve been studying it through the years, we’ve learned some important lessons. In this video we’ve rounded up the top 27 …


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  1. Sam Samo
    Sam Samo says:

    Great Video.

    How to avoid keyword cannibalization for companies that have multiple branches (in different cities)? A Pillar page is planned for each branch/city, but they all have the same keywords and search intent?


    Mobile Phone Repair Hamburg

    Mobile Phone Repair Munich

    Mobile Phone Repair Berlin

    Or I do not need to worry, Google does it already?

  2. Punam Chugh
    Punam Chugh says:

    Great video! Look forward to every video of yours. What would be your thoughts on Facebook getting all the messaging platform under one roof, can you please make a video on that. Also how can bigger brands make use of what's app marketing since it's used by 1.2 billion people almost. Huge thanks.

  3. Clement Darmadi
    Clement Darmadi says:

    Hi Eric… Great video clips on SEO. I am planning to build website about website seo. My main service is website development and SEO optimation.

    One question: which is better? Create several contents such as how to do keyword research, how to do on page seo, how to do off page seo … etc – all articles build stand alone pages. Or just create one complete SEO guideline – combine all articles in one single page?

    I plan to write in Indonesian my local language.

    What is your best suggestion in terms of Google SEO and also human perspective?


  4. James Scott
    James Scott says:

    Some golden nuggets here thanks 🙏🏻 Just think of all those pimple free people waking about now thanks to you! 🙂 stealing or embedding those light show videos haha.


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