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  1. Man Phuah
    Man Phuah says:

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    Thanks for allowing me to live in your space =)

  2. Merrell Swan
    Merrell Swan says:

    Thanks for the honest review. I'm starting to realize that most affiliate marketers dont even bother to actually test these products before they promote to their list. I'm starting to loose my trust in these affiliate marketers. You have to be very careful. Make sure you do your research before buying these softwares, cause most marketer are just trying to make money. Dont have time to test!

  3. Brandon Mushlin
    Brandon Mushlin says:

    I definitely appreciate you being authentic in your testing of the software, I saw they did a lot for trying to push YouTube videos up, and with YouTube, you don't have to worry about spamming your site. I could see how this would destroy your personal websites in Google, no different than hiring a black hat to do the same thing, except now it's cheaper to break your site. Amazing how they misrepresent their product and still get away with selling it. I guess they hope one day the PBN sites they are pushing will get to a high trust flow, but very unlikely.


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