Learn How to Do Multilingual SEO Using Yoast and WPML


In this short tutorial, you will learn how to optimize your multilingual website for search engines using Yoast and WPML. Want to get into Multilingual SEO and …


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  1. евгений тарасов
    евгений тарасов says:

    Briefly about how SEO transistor works.

    Relevance=semantic (semantic or textual) component*trust to this information (trust aka PageRank).
    Usually, the search engine to assess the relevance of the site uses both factors equally. However, which of the two will be the main in the evaluation, you can specify the search algorithm yourself and give the desired factor up to 95% of the significance relative to the remaining.
    This relationship is controlled by the structure of the site.

    That is, you can create 2 sites with different structures, one of which will be evaluated exclusively by trust, and the other exclusively by the semantic component.
    Referring to a link from one such site to another, we MULTIPLY both factors on the acceptor, which will cause a strong rise of the acceptor site in the search results.

    What is better than the option in which the multiplication occurs directly on the same site?
    The fact that in the latter case, this is all over. I. e. the site will receive some assessment of relevance and ALL, there will be no further movements.
    But with two sites of different structures will continue: the Next update of search results will increase the relevance of the donor!!! (you heard right, it is a donor). And the next update will increase the relevance of the acceptor again, the next donor again, etc. until the relevance of both sites will not be possible. This Delta between the initial relevance obtained by indexing and the final relevance after a series of updates is called the SEO transistor gain. A properly made SEO transistor has a gain of 10. Read more at the link http://seozoom10.com/


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