Ranking A Clients Website Recorded Over The Shoulder ... [PART 2]


DISCLAIMER – * I swear in my videos and I apologize for this. But unfortunately, it is just the way I teach. Please don’t take any offense to it, as I would also swear …


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  1. Marwah Khan
    Marwah Khan says:

    How long contract usually you sign with your clients? Because if you make the foundations and all the work in just first month as per your video for a signup $1k then what if some of clients dont work further to save money because all being setup already by you in just $1000?. Do you make them abide by a contractual one year period? how?

  2. Mohamed weddady
    Mohamed weddady says:

    You're awosome man ,great great value ,ia following you since you start your channel and i make sure to see every video you publish.
    So keep up your great mission to spread the knowledge and ethical marketing values !!

  3. Arnold Kim
    Arnold Kim says:

    Keep doing these man very informative unlike the others, Quick question tho! Is SEO recommended or effective with restaurant businesses? I know every business could do SEO but I just wanted to hear your opinion on doing SEO for restaurants and your experience with it. Thanks!


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