SEO for Wordpress 2019: Secrets to Getting it Right


If you’re looking for a super easy way to get your SEO for WordPress done the RIGHT way, I’m gonna break it all down for you in this quick video. By the end …


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  1. Faiza A
    Faiza A says:

    Great video!! I just wanted to know how do you do this is your site is filled with more images and videos than words? Or an e-commerce store? Thanks

  2. Dewet Boshoff
    Dewet Boshoff says:

    Hi Wes, great video! I usually also try to include the primary or secondary related keywords in any of the subsequent H tags. I try to do this as best practice (without being too spammy), as well as include LSI keywords. What are your thoughts on these tactics and how they impact search rankings. Thanks for more good advice:)

  3. ATK Tavis
    ATK Tavis says:

    Thanks, one thing people tend to forget is that SEO that is done to suit only an algorithm, not a person, is doomed to fail. Information is for the man not to a machine. Thanks for a great video!

  4. Masa computer services
    Masa computer services says:

    You are statting the Yoast plugin set the optimized permalink for you but that is incorrect. You did this your self the moment you entered the first title 4:38. Nothing to do with Yoast because this is a feature from WordPress itself. Taking on the first title in the permalink


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