The SEO trends for 2019 you need to know about


Moz’s Sarah Bird at Web Summit 2018. How to win in search engine optimisation (SEO) has never been more critical to the modern business. In this talk, search …


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  1. raja kumari
    raja kumari says:

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  2. Whats What
    Whats What says:

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  3. PriceTipper
    PriceTipper says:

    Great information with great speaker who definitely knows what she is talking about. Unfortunately, it makes you realize that if you are not already on the top 10 or if you don't have an army of SEO strategists and content creators who knows how to use the right keywords, there is not a slight chance to be on the 1st Google search page even with the greatest effort. It is a bit sad and depressing that only the big ones will claim the prize to receive the most clicks and traffic whereas the other millions of websites will never get a chance to prove themselves. There are a lot of good websites and ideas to be discovered that will see never the daylight because they don't have the resources and most important the money to invest in SEO and advertising. I wish Google will have a special column to let other smaller/startup companies appear on the first page free of charge based on a great idea, service or concept that Google would like but not yet established, a sort of “Website of the day” or “Website that we like” Good luck to all of us! 😉

  4. Andrew E
    Andrew E says:

    Very informative about how there are so many opportunities within that painting that we stare at that is the search results. The speaker also does an amazing job of covering hella ground quickly. I love the click to the next slide before you're done talking about the one you're on. No constant silence between slides.


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