Get Your Website RANKED on Google with Yoast SEO (Step-by-Step) – Episode 4


Get your website ranked on search engines and monetize your website for passive income. One of the best WordPress tools out is Yoast SEO and I guide you …


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  1. Kamonie Lytle
    Kamonie Lytle says:

    Honeslty Ethan, I’ve watched hundreds of videos over the past 3 months on affiliate marketing, drop shipping, POD, Facebook ads, WordPress, SEO, etc, and I must say, you have the best channel for just straight up knowledge. I commend you for not having courses that you charge thousands of dollars for and just giving out free value. That’s the true way to build a brand. Great job man.

  2. Rahmana Anamhar
    Rahmana Anamhar says:

    it is good video and thank you for it , I wish if you have explained some of the important features rather than saying leave them as it is in the default because for a newbie like me whos is relying on professionals like you to built their websites & get good results out of it – my SEO analysis remain in red even after following your instructions!

  3. Vanessa Zumstein
    Vanessa Zumstein says:

    Thanks again for your step by step guide that I can actually understand! So helpful. I'm really looking forward to your video on Shopify vs WooCommerce, as I'm still undecided as to which way to go – although after this series I'm kinda leaning towards WooCommerce. Cheers! #HUSTLEFAM


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