How To Find The Right Keywords to Guarantee Ranking in Google

How To Find The Right Keywords to Guarantee Ranking in Google


This video will show you exactly how to find the right keywords – so that you can write blogs knowing exactly where you’re going to rank in Google and guarantee …


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  1. Arthur Howard
    Arthur Howard says:

    I don't mean to be argumentative because this was an excellent video right up until you got to step 4 using Moz's domain and page authority metrics as a measure of ranking difficulty.But your viewers really need to be aware of the fact that Google does not use domain authority as a ranking factor. Google's John Mueller implicitly confirmed that Google does not use domain or page authority to rank sites.

    There is an excellent article by Roger Montti of Search Engine Journal on the subject at:

    He states the following: "…The ultimate evidence that Google does not use any form of Site Authority or Domain Authority metric is found in the huge body of publicly filed patents and research. There is absolutely no evidence that Google has created and used any kind of Domain Authority metric. If they did, I who collect and read research papers and those like Bill Slawski who write about patents would be talking about it. But the literature is not there.

    That and the fact that Googlers have repeatedly stated that no such metrics exist at Google should be enough to kill the idea. But for some reason the idea of Site Authority still exists. Why?…"

    Additionally, if either page or domain authority were in fact core elements of Google's ranking algorithm, then those with the highest authority should be ranked at the top of the listings. yet there is no rhyme or reason the results that actually occur. If you are relying on Moz to determine how easy it will be to rank for a keyword you would do just as well by throwing all your keywords into a hat and blindly drawing from there. Similarly, back in the day when Google was showing page rank, there was also little rhyme or reason to the results; there were page rank 0's ranking above page rank 3's and 4's. Certainly, if you had a page with a page rank of 3 or above you had a good chance of ranking, but where you'd be placed was still anyone's guess.

  2. Gail Armstrong
    Gail Armstrong says:

    Thanks for this video, I’m still new to all this kind of thing but have made notes and will come back to this when I launch my new website shortly. I like your style btw. See you in March!


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