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  1. Albert Santiago de la cruz
    Albert Santiago de la cruz says:

    Hi, Neil! I have a doubt, if I am from the Dominican Republic and I create a website in English with a hosting provider in Spain, does it affect in any way to position myself on the first page and compete with the number 1 in that niche?

  2. Md Amin
    Md Amin says:

    Thanks, Neil Patel for another good content.
    I want to know something that how to rank landing page? Basically, we can not add in-depth content on our landing page, cannot use many images, keyword density, LSI keyword and more that we can add our blog.
    My question is how to optimize the landing page for Google rank?

  3. Nicholas Phillip
    Nicholas Phillip says:

    Hey guys I have a question. I am from the Carribean, Trinidad and Tobago to be exact I would like to know how do I rank for content on different islands? I would assume it's a similar process to ranking in different states ? If there is any content out there pertaining to this it would be great if someone could point me to it or just give some advice. Cheers !

  4. Tigran Davtyan
    Tigran Davtyan says:

    Hi Neil. Great advises! I see there are plenty of comments already and not sure if you'll actually see my question here, but worth a shot anyways. How do you suggest to solve the "homepage problem" on an international site? Should it show a default language, or maybe redirect (please elaborate 301 or 302?) the user to his preferred language of choice, or maybe let the user choose the language on homepage(not my preference) or maybe anything else?

  5. BBoy Loretto
    BBoy Loretto says:

    Ok im gonna ask a question you probably hear alot, whats different about your program vs's other like tai lopez for example aince hes nother popular one on you tube? I do wanna get started in smm,seo,and other i ter marketing. I just wanna join a team thats productive and the mentors help with the new students so they can succeed as well.

  6. Himanshu Devvanshi
    Himanshu Devvanshi says:

    Hi Neil,
    can you tell me which one is better getting new sub-domains for different locations or create sub-directories for different locations with future perspective and SEO perspective both???
    also which one of them will help me for eCommerce website. Please help I am very confused.

  7. Trevor C
    Trevor C says:

    Hi Neil, love the videos. I had a quick question. If I get a backlink from a webpage already ranking in Google for my target keyword. Does that link have more value in the eyes of Google?

  8. Jesse Miettinen
    Jesse Miettinen says:

    I started watching you yesterday and i love the content. I'm really interested in drop shipping. My question is what should/can i do with 100€? I have a feeling your going to say get a job.

  9. Sarkar Natiq
    Sarkar Natiq says:

    I do get this point but what I am asking is a bit different. I am actually asking that how to realize that site linking to my site is actually a brazilan site when the linking site has server of USA and .com domain and not .br?

  10. Hot Clasher -COC
    Hot Clasher -COC says:

    Hello, I have blog website. I write content in Hinglish language. That's mens i target india or Hindi speaking people. I trying to Get 100 visitors per day. I am not succeeds. So please help me
    to get 100 visitors per day at least. I find myself loser. My website 3-4 month old and I also get adsense approval. But!. In month i can't reach 1k people at least. Why it's happen with me. I am not spamming my link here. But please Neil help only you are my idol.

    Thank you so much in advance

  11. Kaushal Tiwari
    Kaushal Tiwari says:

    Sir how can I do ASO accurately as google does not provide google play data and there are some websites which provide data but they are expensive.The only source which is available is keyword planner but it provide data of google search engine.

  12. Sarkar Natiq
    Sarkar Natiq says:

    Last question. If the brazilian site has just .com domain and has hosting server of US and the admin is of Brazil and the site is being operated from there, will such a site be considered as brazilian site or not?

  13. Dimitar Margaritov
    Dimitar Margaritov says:

    My goal is to go straight to the English speaking audiences and then expand from there to Spanish etc., just because the Eastern European market, although growing, is not that well developed yet.

  14. NewtonBaba
    NewtonBaba says:

    Hey neil great video, i wanted to ask few things plz do clearify

    How do i properly replace an old image from a post?

    How to properly remove/change tags without getting soft 404 error in Google console.

    Any reference or guidence will be highly appreciated….

  15. lunatic world
    lunatic world says:

    Hey neil , is google can understand content language style? Suppose if i write content in simple english and want to target US…but google rank my content in uk. because of content style. Is it possible?


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