My Biggest SEO Fail (Unbelievable Rookie Mistake)


I’ve had huge failures in SEO. And, not just one. I’ve had many. ▻Subscribe: to learn more secret SEO tips. Find me on Facebook: …


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  1. Sam Samo
    Sam Samo says:

    When choosing a domain name, if you will buy 2 words domain, which option is the best one, using "and" or "-" or nothing, example:

    which one the best one, and which one is the bad one.


  2. Shakila Reed
    Shakila Reed says:

    How do you build backlinks in a market where everyone is your competitor? With my niche there are no forums or blogs that I can get backlinks from because the blogs/forums belongs to online store owners. And of course, who would really link to a website that could take their potential customers.

  3. Barbie Figueroa
    Barbie Figueroa says:

    I love these behind the scenes videos! I appreciate your honesty and it’s true.. our long term vision for success has to be about others and not about self gain! Love your content Neil! 😊😊😊

  4. Harinderpreet singh
    Harinderpreet singh says:

    Hi, in my niche I have to buy backlinks from other blogs. I buy backlinks with good traffic related to my niche. There are some blogs that have Good da, pa but does not have good traffic. Should I buy backlink from that blogs

    BVM INDIA says:

    Hey Neil, If i am ranking no.1 on google is because of you. i dont have enough money but your guidelines have helped me very much. I will never forget you. Thanks for teaching us for free. 🤗

  6. Usman Akram
    Usman Akram says:

    Hey Neil, You and many other marketers often give a "Broken link" Strategy to ask for a Backlink. But it seems like people don't respond to this. I tried it and its not working very well. Any tips for getting backlinks?


    I wouldn't know what kind shady of tactics bring fast money, but in sure most people here are desperate to try anything lol. Great video, maybe next time say why it failed and for how long. Why the money went away as fast as it came.

  8. Baldeep Birak
    Baldeep Birak says:

    Great to hear.. I'll keep adding value to my website for visitors. Increase repeat visitors and generate customers long term that way even if I'm not winning currently.

  9. Hot Clasher -COC
    Hot Clasher -COC says:

    Motivation Video
    Thank you sir

    Please make video on Motivation those guy's who Give up in Blogging.

    I also one of them!. I Think i could not do well. Please I requested to you motivate us🙌🙇🙏

  10. punit dhawan
    punit dhawan says:

    Hey Neil,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I would like to ask you just one question which you've not covered yet.

    Is this necessary to put keywords in H1 or h2 for SEO? I know h1 should be related to title but if i'll not put keywords in h1, will that be okay? Please reply!

    Warmest Regards,

  11. Stuart Kelly
    Stuart Kelly says:

    What a humble man, Neil, I look forward to learning from you,
    I have been on the web for a long long time and know many things, but never implemented them,
    SILLY ME. Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge.

  12. Bhagyesh Patel
    Bhagyesh Patel says:

    While i was new in seo, i purchased links from fiverr. Now, that user is using same database for all new websites so that guy is earning more 💰 from new websites and i am earning more spammy links 😂. My site was like football in serp today on 2nd page, tomorrow out of results and after while back to 2nd for some time.

    I started learning SEO from moz and Neil PATEL 😎 and performed all tactics. Now my site is improving day by day.

    Thank You Neil Patel and Team.

  13. Sachin Khanna
    Sachin Khanna says:

    I have simple strategy:
    I build 20-30 forum, comment links daily to my short run sites. It just takes me around 30-40 minutes daily. I used that tactics because it works well. But as you said these are short run. So, for my long run sites I spend 4-5 hours daily on outreach.

  14. Kloonike
    Kloonike says:

    Neil is right. I've experienced it myself. All the spam I posted is dead, yet the "high quality" site is outranking most of the trashy competition. Quality over quantity guys.

  15. Drop the Chalupa!
    Drop the Chalupa! says:

    My biggest dumb rookie mistake in SEO was with permalink structure and not setting up redirects at the time. Only had a year and a half of actually doing it at a small startup company. Easy to read some articles online on best SEO practices and not see the full picture of what could possibly happen. Just because it sounds good on paper doesn't mean it will work out for the client in reality.

    Learned the hard way and got a paycut cause of it, but live and learn. That moment made more interested in learning about the technical side of the field and becoming a full stack developer (which I was going to go all the way and resign from my current job regardless of whatever happened and whether I still had my raise or not) and remembering that there's always something new to learn in the field. That was my bit of shortsightedness. I also learned that blog posts alone on a website aren't always enough to really get that far in SEO, it's become a lot more about social media marketing too.


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