SEO for Small Business: The Ultimate Checklist For Success


SEO is the perfect way to market your small business online, because it puts you right in front of your prospects at the exact moment they’re looking for what you …


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  1. Settle In El Paso
    Settle In El Paso says:

    Wow! The best SEO video that combines all the important tips. Moreover, it provides some resource links that I was not aware of. Thank you, thank you , thank you so much for making this thorough video.

  2. Maysa
    Maysa says:

    Hi Wes, I just subscribed after 5 minutes of listening to your clear, easy to follow instructions. I help a friend with her website and adwords but I am not an expert so videos as this have been my main source of keep up. I implemented some of the things you talk about but I will go over them again and make them better, with you help. Thanks.

  3. Smith's Boutique
    Smith's Boutique says:

    Hi, Wes – Thanks so much for speaking so clearly and providing in-depth explanation without going too far. I'm in my 50's and even though I knew programming, html and was there for the birth of the internet, this has become a very complicated platform. I'm currently working on our store's website because I know it's out-dated, non-functioning and doesn't do anything I need it to. I used to enjoy website building. You are taking the UGH! out of this task. I have officially become addicted to your tutorials. Applying what I have learned this week.

  4. Himalayan Falcon
    Himalayan Falcon says:

    Hi thedeepend
    Really satsfied, I have been watching backlinko, neil patel and few indian guys but your topics are unique and easily and economical too.

    My name mudasir and running a travel site, Can you suggest any special technique or advice for adventure sports website.

    Thank you

  5. Billy B
    Billy B says:

    Serious question: it looks like people are using some odd ways of searching for me. When I check insights on Google it shows odd top ranking search words. Does this mean that the majority of visits are done by "bot crawlers" or is it that people's search techniques are odder than I thought?
    Thank you for your information! This is all very helpful! 🙂

  6. Ryan Funkhouser
    Ryan Funkhouser says:

    Thank you for a truly tangible and helpful video. As a relatively new marketer, I feel like a lot of the content I see on Youtube is typically ultra simple or already obvious as common sense, but you provided helpful insights, so thank you!


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