SEO in 2019 What Will and Won’t Work | Neil Patel


Today I’m going to share with you SEO in 2019 – what will and won’t work. As time goes on SEO is becoming harder and harder. So should you even do SEO …


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  1. Darlene Ballard
    Darlene Ballard says:

    Hello Neil, Thanks for delivering fresh ideas all the time. I am an intermediate who struggles to keep up with reviews and the best way to get reviews for clients. I am using an organic site to capture emails and also through work orders for completed services.

  2. Cloud Walker
    Cloud Walker says:

    Hi Neil, I am curious about whether putting dates in URL's are good or not. I just saw your advanced SEO cheatsheet and it actually has the year 2018 in it. Perhaps this isn't really affecting your product, since you are selectively sending it to those who are giving you their email.


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