SEO Mistakes: Why 91% of Content Gets No Organic Traffic


Have you ever wondered how much organic traffic other web pages get? We studied ~1 billion pages of content and found two common SEO mistakes holding …


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  1. Citizen Kane
    Citizen Kane says:

    I think this algorithm is not fer to small businesses only large firm with lots of content and connection. Google decided to destroy small bussines with this decision i see allot of small busines owners struggle to get on search results and its not getting better. Goofle is forcing all webmastwrs to force links back "any means possible" and for a small business ownwr this is impossible task. My opinion is that google algorithm is wrong 70% or more !

  2. umair qureshi
    umair qureshi says:

    I hurt one thing in ahref when I want to check k.w volume in ahref it's show me less volume of entered k.w but the volume of same k.w is higher in other k.w research tool. Why?

  3. Mourin Bably
    Mourin Bably says:

    Well explain. Thanks for the Video. I have question. The site i am working now, over 80 number of low quality content. As we know low quality content harmful for website and major cause of ranking drop. So now what need to do. Creating quality content or first update the old content targeting a better search volume Keyword or ……

  4. Beauty Slogan
    Beauty Slogan says:

    Hello Sam,

    My post was top in google last 3 month but I saw there are some few blogs who are updating their content & they are ranking very well than me.

    I did also updated my content but google doesn't show me – my post has been updated like (4 days ago) but it shows old date.

    Can you recommend which plugin should I use so that search engine shows the updated days


  5. Peter Combs
    Peter Combs says:

    and the "Standard " package is only $179 per month? Are these guys kidding? Most of the data you can get for free from Google anyway. The backlink angle is absurdly overplayed and largely rubbish. Good content and regularly updated pages, site cross links or relative content, image alt tags are 10 times more important. The Free version of Yoast SEO does more or less everything you need.

  6. Anthony Aboh
    Anthony Aboh says:

    Assuming someone has 2000 keywords from site explorer and the has 300 low difficulty and high volume search keywords. Where will he place them in the website so that the pages can rank

  7. Always be Healthy
    Always be Healthy says:

    Hi ahrefs thanks for sharing wonderful info from your videos. I have one doubt can u clear my doubt " how to get images of movie posters/images for news without copyright issues to place in my website as I am unable to find these in Google images labeled for reuse" thanks in advance. Even I am not able find in free stock sites like pexels etc.

  8. Abidly
    Abidly says:

    Ohh i am explaining this topic all the time. People looking for SEO service and expecting SERP to boost over day or two, with very few backlinks. Some of them buying even so bad backlinks which killing their SERP more then they even think

  9. MANNA song
    MANNA song says:

    Hey there let alone to be my site rank on 3rd of pages even ,after console my blog post when I chek my site rank ,find noabouts of mine site don't know where that link disappeared ….

  10. #LevelUp Podcast
    #LevelUp Podcast says:

    Great content, I found completing a social strategy workshop really outlines how effective SEO can be for traffic.

    I’ve also started a vlog which is the first step into the most raw and uncut insight into what issues people really face in business. Would be great if you could check it out!


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