Technical SEO Is BS! Do This Instead 😎


Wondering what tiny ranking factor you should be focused on? In this video, I cover why you should only be focused on two things in SEO … Free SEO Training: …


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  1. Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez says:

    Ruan, thanks for all your insights. One question about facebook advertising. When you acquire a new FB client how do you determine what promises you can make that are truly achievable.

  2. Toni Ezero
    Toni Ezero says:

    Hello Ruan!I had a question about backlinks showing up in ahrefs. I had two links placed on a blog on January 13th. they are from two high authority DR blogs. It has been two weeks and I have not seen them show up in ahrefs. I have had other placements with other blogs with low DR and still have them show up in ahrefs after just a few days. Can you drop some knowledge?

    Thanks Man!

  3. Lloyd McVey II
    Lloyd McVey II says:

    Great vid but all SEO should be focused on at the right time and place. The more content you have out there is kind of a shotgun approach to testing/troubleshooting. It is effective but you do end up wasting time. focusing solely on technical SEO above all else is also a time waster. To be the most efficient you need to have a balance in all stages. I'd personally recommend an audit of assets twice a year if you have the resources and once every 18 months once you begin decreasing the rate of content gen. Both you and Chase are just at opposite ends of the spectrum but both of you have on point tactics and strategies that work for your individual clients. Again great vid Ruan and keep um coming. 🙂

  4. jacky fulton
    jacky fulton says:

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  5. Learn With Khalid
    Learn With Khalid says:

    Hello Ruan I am a huge fan of yours I would like to ask for your permission to take some of your videos and upload it to my channel and share it with my audience by spreading your amazing teachings and my followers can follow you back on your channel is that ok with you?

  6. xX_Telamon_Xx
    xX_Telamon_Xx says:

    Hey ruan, I had a question. How would you go about ranking against another agency in your niche? for instance, i want to rank for a certain keyword in my city, but there's already another agency that is ranking #1 for that keyword, they seem to be a very large and great business. tons of content, a very high domain rating, been around for a while, they even have a lot of business awards in our area. do you think it is possible for me to rank for top 3 or should I find another niche?

    thank you in advance!

  7. Jonathon Henderson
    Jonathon Henderson says:

    Brooooooo thank you!!!!!!!!! I hate seeing people say shit like “how do I properly implement my keyword in my Title Tags 😂”. Also, I’m glad you said that about rank n rent as I tell people this all the time. They think they can hide behind a curtain and make these rank n rent sites that business owners will actually pay for. PPC, LSA Ads, and Map Pack will crush those rank n rent websites when it comes to calls. When you tell business owners about your rank n rent site they generally say things like “Well okay, but can you do that for me?”😂 Only good I see from it is actually knowing you can rank a site, using it as social proof to prospects, and taking market share from your client’s competitors if you are ranking for the same terms

  8. Daniel Kelly
    Daniel Kelly says:

    Another great video. Good insight into those tactics. It really breaks it all down into simple terms. Quick question. Could you possibly do a keyword ranking tutorial on how to get a keyword to rank worldwide. As I still cant get my head around how you can rank worldwide??

  9. Gary Carlyle
    Gary Carlyle says:

    Surely it is a mix of technical and content velocity. Ive got 12,000 articles. We was doing well. The site is worth a mill at least. But it was when I started getting into site structure again it really flourished.

  10. Colm Bonus
    Colm Bonus says:

    I never leave comments but appreciate your content. Can you do a video on ranking an internal page of a website? I can rank homepages but unsure of a good strategy for internal pages and also anchors for internal pages. Cheers

  11. Silver Badger
    Silver Badger says:

    Ruan, May I ask you a question. I am retired law enforcement and run a local facebook page called scanner/crime reports. We post realtime local police scanner calls and have 33,000 followers. In your opinion what would be a good way to monetize our page? Just a donate button to act as a tip jar for the page? A Patreon post that we keep pinned to the top asking for support so we can continue to monitor the scanner and post? We are really looking to only generate passive income seeing as we don't sell a product. Can I pick your brain? 🙂 Thoughts? Thanks in advance.. Badger.

  12. Jason Duckworth
    Jason Duckworth says:

    Interesting comment about rank and rent sites being doomed. I'd love to see a video explaining this…. I'm building up several local sites right now for that purpose…..


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