13 SEO Tips That Actually Work


Tired of hearing the same SEO tips over and over? This tutorial shows 13 evergreen techniques that will help you rank on Google and get more traffic.


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  1. Regalos Originales Shop
    Regalos Originales Shop says:

    Thank you so much, I have literally paused and re watched this video so many times and filled up my notes. This was by far one of the MOST valuable and actionable videos ive seen and I have a HUGE list of new strategies to start working on immediately thanks to this video! After watching I actually upgraded my ahrefs plan! So many features i really was not sure about but its incredible how if used as they should you literally don't need any other SEO tool.

  2. suranjan kundu
    suranjan kundu says:

    Hello Sir,
    This video is a great resource for every Blogger. Your example, explanation style, action are the main key points of this motivated video. Of course, I 'll share your content to amplify your reach…up to infinity.
    I appreciate your smart work and congratulate for helping us by giving such a unique and straight forward content.
    With best regards – Suranjan Kundu.

  3. Sam Samo
    Sam Samo says:

    When choosing a domain name, if you will buy 2 words domain, which option is the best one, using "and" or "-" or nothing, example:

    which one the best one, and which one is the bad one.


  4. brian012281
    brian012281 says:

    I’ve tried Wikipedia a few times and the moderators there are like Nazi’s. You can’t even do legitimate edits without them revising it and removing your work. I’ve added honest, helpful and pertinent content only to have it removed because of some obscure Wikipedia policy that isnt even relevant. And there seems no winning with them.

  5. Iresh Dilan
    Iresh Dilan says:

    You have covered some great tips here. By the way in your tip #9 you check the no of backlinks only to the individual pages without considering about backlinks to the root domain. So do you think that links to the root domain and other pages have no any impact to rankings of a certain page?

  6. Three Rivers Dent
    Three Rivers Dent says:

    This is one of the best seo videos Ive ever watched! I have a nOOb question if you have time; at 8:55 you mention adding modifiers to existing keywords. where do i put them? I don't understand how my keywords are scraped and assigned value. In yoast i can only enter one keyword to rank for on each page. do i need to buy the premium plan to be able to rank more keywords?

  7. ben turner
    ben turner says:

    This was fantastic, Im glad I managed to find it. Love the content gap analysis, thats next on the list. Will have to work on feature snippets too. Thanks for the great info!


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