Best WordPress SEO Plugins Compared - Yoast, AIO SEO, SEO Framework, SEOPress, + More (2018)


In this video, I’ll be comparing 5 different SEO plugins to help you find the best one for your needs. The video starts out explaining what these SEO plugins do.


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  1. Cledel Cizyups
    Cledel Cizyups says:

    Nice review. I'm now liking Seopress. But please make a review about Rank Math Seo plugin as well because I'm still really confused of what to choose. Rank math is getting popularity now because of the feature "NOFOLLOW EXTERNAL links". But I heard once you use Rank Math, you no longer have chance to switch to other seo plugins. Please review Rank math as well. I wanna know if it's good or bad.. Because if it's bad for the site, then my choice I think will be seopress. (I SUB because of you good tips)

  2. K ashwin
    K ashwin says:

    What about rank math. We can add upto 5 keywords and it's entirely free with customer support. It has redirects sections too. waiting for your reply sir

  3. hunkar perk
    hunkar perk says:

    Rank Math looks like game changer but pretty new, what do u think about that Adam? also, why they are giving all the awesome features for free? will/did u change your seo yoast to another one?

  4. Ian Clampin
    Ian Clampin says:

    I'm confused! I built a site a few years ago and used yoast and it was fine. I have just put it on my new site and I'm not happy, it seems far too complicated. It's telling me I cant use key words that are pertinent to my site, and that I'm using passive voice etc ….. seriously. it's coming off. My question is, do we really need these plugins? surely if you build a quality site with plenty of content it we be found and ranked by search engines anyway? Or have I got it all wrong ?

  5. Mister L
    Mister L says:

    I started a niche site on Last Christmas. I use Yoast Seo and I'm very surprised. I know some basic stuff about SEO. But with this plugin, after 2 months of launching a site, I have reached first google page and about 6-8 position (after paid search and monsters like Wikipedia, etc.) on the search results on that first page. I think that is impressive.

  6. Paul Argueta
    Paul Argueta says:

    Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

  7. Sortlist
    Sortlist says:

    Thanks for the video!😁 ? We also publish videos about SEO! Could you give me some feedback? Thank you! 😀 Don't forget to subscribe if you like it!!😀


  8. Mathukutty P.V.
    Mathukutty P.V. says:

    My blog is more than a year old now and was using Yoast. I had some problem, had tweeted, they replied also. But this video helped to install purge plugin. Thanks. I tried squirrely for a few days, then uninstalled. About 2 months back as suggested by someone, tried Seo press but after a few days noticed a heavy bounce rate. On checking found that category links are showing a 404 not found. So, uninstalled and reinstalled Yoast. Seopress had migrated data from Yoast, but reversing created problem and had to update SEO with Yoast for new posts used with SEO press. 2/3 days back read a blog suggesting SEO Framework as better. Experts talk their views and it all confuse newbies.

  9. Tom Kriek
    Tom Kriek says:

    I just bought Elementor Pro and Astra Pro via your link. Got my website online and ready to go. Then I installed Yoast and found that I cannot see the Yoast features at the bottom of my page. I have to use Elementor as editor, as it is built with that and if I want to change to the normal editor, I get warnings that it might break my site. So, how do you use the Yoast features on an Elementor page? Or is it an Astra issue? I searched for vids explaining how to use Yoast in Elementor but found none.

  10. Patti Bealer
    Patti Bealer says:

    Thank you Adam. I'm just using the free version of Yoast, but I have heard good things about SEO Press. I probably need to learn more, will watch your detailed videos.

  11. Dawn Craig
    Dawn Craig says:

    This was very helpful! Do you know if any are going to have anything special for podcasts? I don't know what it would be but it would be awesome if they came out with something.

  12. Jason B
    Jason B says:

    Always had an issue with YOAST simply because of the reason why so many updates, they cannot get it right.
    The AIO SEO All In One SEO Pack does not support Taxonomies in Titles nor Descriptions, only supports Custom Fields.
    SEO PRESS well, so far I have found that to be the best. They have always answered support questions and the plugin does everything YOAST does except offering word suggestions.
    SEO Press is 2/3 cheaper than YOAST and is just as good if not better than YOAST.
    SEO Press hardly have many updates and the reason is they fully test before releasing any updates, where yoast just seems to roll out updates and everyone just seems click UPDATE NOW because everyone thinks they can trust YOAST. I would never trust YOAST ever again. I had an issue where the Free version worked on my site but the PRO didnt because of Javascript in the Pro version was incompatible with my theme, pfffft, what a joke. I had to revert back to the free YOAST version and when I made a comment on the WordPress support forrum I mentioned I had Premium version and had to revert back to free, the idiot Jan Dembowski decided to put me on moderation for my comments telling me that coz I paid for the PRO version that I'm suppose to use the YOAST Pro site for help, yet the idiot never read my story properly. Jan Dembowski made it so I couldnt get free support anymore.

    My vote is SEO Press by far. The free version awesome!

  13. AndyDOHD1
    AndyDOHD1 says:

    Just venturing out into the WP/Elementor/OceanWP world and find your comments on Yoast very interesting. I am considering SEO Press at the moment for my new WP clients.

  14. Mahdi M
    Mahdi M says:

    Adam seems you like Elementor as much as I do, been looking for a good SEO plugin working along with Elementor and came across this vid. so I'm going to take SEOPres a shot. thanks for this comparison 🙂


    SEO tools comparison, good idea for a video. Interesting to see how many people like SEOPress. It would be great to see a similar comparison with keyword research tools. Cam you suggest a helpful keyword research tool?

  16. Lars M
    Lars M says:

    Pleasedo a full seo press pro tutorial for a new website owner andwhat he needs to do to fill the back end with the proper info for google to index it…thanks

  17. Fatima Farasha
    Fatima Farasha says:

    Thanks for this breakdown. I'm an SEO newbie and this helped me make a decision of which plugin to purchase and most important I need things to be user friendly. It's frustrating reading the details about a plugin and then once it's installed and have to take days to figure out how to use it.

  18. Vin Hennessy
    Vin Hennessy says:

    Thank you Adam for helpaking an SEO decision. I've had an eerie feeling about Yoast. The only God thing is their suggestion to tie in previous blogs to my present one.

    I will definitely look into SEOPress

  19. Mike Storzieri
    Mike Storzieri says:

    I see when using Divi and SEOPress together SEOPress pulls the Shortcode information for their "Meta Description" and "Google Snippet Preview" so to use it with Divi or Extra themes you would have to manually input these or it would make them unreadable.

  20. Christopher Hinton
    Christopher Hinton says:

    Adam, is an SEO plugin a crucial component? What if you didn't have ANY SEO plugin at all? What would happen with the search engines in regards to your site? Is there a way to "do" SEO without a plugin? (This doesn't sound like something I'd be willing to pay for. Websites have enough expenses, esp. when you have one that doesn't really generate much revenue at all.)

  21. Justin Waite
    Justin Waite says:

    I learned about SEOPress in the Elementor Facebook community and love it. Previously I used Yoast and found it nice, but as an agency, it is really expensive. I agree with you Adam I'm not sure why these SEO plugins are expensive minus SEOPress. I am also shocked to hear in order to fix the Yoast bug you also have to download an additional plugin for cleanup. I was not aware of this and makes me even more upset with Yoast. I thought with their bug release everything was fixed. We are changing all of your clients over to SEOPress.


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