Etsy SEO Changes 2018


Etsy SEO Changes 2018 is here! Etsy has just released a shiny new SEO guide. In this jam, we cover three key takeaways from this guide and what they mean …


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  1. deafinseattle1
    deafinseattle1 says:

    wait! I'm new to Etsy. I thought you have to renew your listing. Don't they expire? I'm not getting any search visibility and actually, my friends try to look me up and my shop and they can't find me. That's bad.

  2. gessler113
    gessler113 says:

    i have a question that i was struggeling to find the answer to , maybe somewhere here can help me, focus selling words are completed cross stitch , and i start all my my titles with this and they are my focus key words too, but do they need to be at the start of my sentence.. because my readability is always mostly negative, is there a difference between
    "completed cross stitch beatiful blue horse", or
    "beautiful blue horse completed cross stitch" –
    if say someone was searching for completed cross stitch

  3. Erica Noel
    Erica Noel says:

    How would you word your title for baby headbands. I mean i jave to describe it so Lets say 1st Birthday Headband, Pink and Gold Headband, Baby Girl Headband, etc…. now what do I do? This is so confusing and stressful. All my listings were A and B, now they are D and E. Still made over 380 orders this month though. So not sure what to do.

  4. Amy Jo Davies
    Amy Jo Davies says:

    Can you explain the "Focus Keywords" a bit more – I am struggling with grasping this section. 90% of my listings went up in grades with this update, while this is a good vanity mark, I am really working on understanding the matching of tags and titles for this Focus Keyword section. Any thoughts or assistance here…. Thanks for all you do for Etsy sellers


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