Etsy Seo Tips: Mistakes YOU might make on your Etsy listings SEO


Etsy SEO Tips and Mistakes you might be making with your Etsy listings’ SEO!!! I see some of these #etsyseo mistakes often. They seem harmless at first but they …


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  1. Emma Fifield
    Emma Fifield says:

    Hi Dave Thanks for the videos, i love them and they have been very helpful. I had a look at your etsy shop. I notice that you link back to your shop at the bottom of each product page, is that because you think customers get confused if they have never been to etsy before and don't know how to get to your shop? thanks emma

  2. Paul Argueta
    Paul Argueta says:

    Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

  3. BeadAishaJewelry Sales
    BeadAishaJewelry Sales says:

    Great video! When you talked about the use of Tag words, currently ETSY only allows a maximum of 20 characters. If I have a tag long key word phrase that best identifies my product but it would only fit without spaces between words, should I use the keyword phrase anyway without the spaces in between or abandon the phrase all together and break them up with a combination of noun and adjectives as you have described or a combination of both? My shop if you want to take a look is

  4. EdmunDsgn
    EdmunDsgn says:

    lol I feel like a moron after finding out I haven't even used all 13 keywords lol.. after I did this, some girl bought a sticker pack that same week, followed by another buyer who bought 2 of them the week after., like I could not believe what just happened lol

    edit: lol can't say i'm not satisfied, so now im really motivated to apply more strategies to my shop 🙂
    I also believe that redirecting links are major help on etsy.. the stats even said that most people see my stuff trough my own website.. which makes sense since I allways place my website link on the drawings that I post online..

  5. DeAnn Johnson
    DeAnn Johnson says:

    Hey Dave: In this vid you take some liberties with information that are really frustrating (at least to me).

    Please consider not stating that an insight “is”, and then later say that it “may be.” IE: stating that using the words “free shipping” will screw up the Etsy algorithm, then later saying that it – may – mess up the algorithm’s results. When you first made the comment I thought, “hmm, that makes sense,” but I wondered where you had found that information. Then after the second comment, I caught myself thinking “oh, so this is all just his opinion.”

    Not to totally discount your opinion though, but when I’m spending my time attempting to learn a thing, I find it important to know the difference. Please consider adding an “according to [ie: Marmalead]” to the one, and occasionally [ie: in my experience] to the other?

    I appreciate you taking the time to hear me out.

  6. Kerith Stull - Christmas Tree Gifts
    Kerith Stull - Christmas Tree Gifts says:

    Etsy Rank can filter through your listing and point out any spelling errors in any part of your listing (titles, descriptions, tags, materials, etc.). Super helpful! Keep in mind that sometimes using a spelling error is useful to be in addition to the correct spelling if it's a commonly misspelled word (like "stationery" and "stationary")

  7. Amanda Berofsky
    Amanda Berofsky says:

    I used to have free shipping in my titles. I sell stationery, but if someone searched for "necklace free shipping" they would find me. I was attracting tons of people who weren't my target market, which was a nightmare for promoted listings.

  8. bookmaid1
    bookmaid1 says:

    Thank you Dave, another helpful video, I will be cleaning up my SEO today. I'm wondering if you've ever tried EtsyRank? I used to use Marmalead which is great but more expensive than etsyrank, the reason I switched. Just want you to know I love your straight forward approach and short videos. No extra chatter or off topic subjects…great for the busy sellers out there. Your tips have already increased my views, favorites and sales. Thanks so much!


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