Park Seo Joon – 12 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Him


Actor Park Seo Joon is currently stealing hearts as a cold, narcissistic vice president, Young Joon in drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”…. From now we …


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  1. june bg
    june bg says:

    it's amazing to think that I fell in love with SEO joon after watching what's wrong with secretary Kim… and I didn't know back then that you were friends with my all time favourite person V… taehyung of BTS… I really don't know how but I also loved park bogum… now I know tae is friends with him too…I really like hyunsik in the heirs… and he is V's friend too… I love the fact that all my fav actors are friends with my all time favourite idol taehyung… and now I know why… because y'all have the same beautiful personality… love you SEO Joon… you are very handsome …

  2. hptan21
    hptan21 says:

    Very late entry cos I just discovered Park Seo Joon last year 2018. Although he is not classically handsome (like an Adonis); he has a perfectly proportionate face that fits the Golden Rule, making him perfectly attractive. The camera loves him like how we love him. He certainly has the kind of smile and face that grows on a person. The more you look at him the better he looks. I love his voice. It has a gravelly ending that is very manly & sexy. His singing voice is also very captivating. Although not the widest range but definitely the quality that gets me. And yes… definitely on of the best kisser on screen. He's very natural. I notice that all of the leading actress acting with him respond to his "naturalness" that's why the kisses all look good. I DEFINITELY A FAN! And looking forward to seeing him in more Korean dramas. Park Seo Joon… "fighting"!

  3. riri nana
    riri nana says:

    Interesting to find out that people who love park seo joon, usually like gong yoo too.. maybe because they both almost have strong character, down to earth and original.. when he kiss secretary kim i stop breathing hahaha.. keep good work yeobo !!!

  4. Annika Park
    Annika Park says:

    Watching this vid for the second time now and downloaded it. Really he is very humble. I first saw him in hwarang and I became an instant fan. I love him right there and then. And i love him more in wwwsk. But when I saw him in youns kitchen, it made me love him even more. He is such a genuine person. Charming, adorable, gentleman and sweet to his fellow casts there. He is one of a kind. Too good to be true. Perfect in every way. Saranghae, oppayaaa! ❤❤❤

  5. Piri the cute
    Piri the cute says:

    To be very honest, none of these surprised me. I won't say I know him inside out but he certainly gave me these vibes long ago (except that he completed his military as I came to know about that from media) and that's why in certain way I liked him as an actor and as a person.


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