Park Seo Joon & Park Min Young Real Life Couple


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  1. Kathylyn
    Kathylyn says:

    it would be lovely if these guys are really dating but the picture with PSJ in fron of mountain that was from his Youn's Kitchen S2 show in Spain and PMY was in Switzerland. So these pics have no correlation. sorry. but they look great together.

  2. Fortunita Devi
    Fortunita Devi says:

    Always hope they're really in love. Please maintain your relationship bcoz you are both famous people…many temptation. So catch that with more strong..more faith..more you so much PSJ & PMY😍😍❤❤😘😘

  3. BarbIe Doll
    BarbIe Doll says:

    Park minyoung already denied the rumors about them dating..she already put a closure about them dating..I've watched it here on you tube …and read in an article also where she was interviewed.

  4. Mochi norig
    Mochi norig says:

    Honestly they look like they would actually work out as a couple in real life. Just like song song couple. I can't say that they should date because it's up to them but if they do, I wouldn't be surprised because theyve always looked like a couple since this drama.

  5. ND fiyaa
    ND fiyaa says:

    I hope this couple is real.. Based on my experience become a shipper of Songsong couple, they're collab in DOTS as an Actors, but they have know each other since 3 years past, JK as one of the fanboy of HK 😂.. They're more intimate since DOTS aired and become a real couple.. So it same to PPC, they have know each other in 3 years, I will be patient to hear their wedding announcement when I will waiting for such a long time,..

  6. Jamaliyah Benito
    Jamaliyah Benito says:

    They make a good real Park couple… and they look really inlove with each other even in acting the feeling ……I wish "The handsome and the pretty gir"l will be trully married 😚😍🤗….

  7. Jovylyn Samijon
    Jovylyn Samijon says:

    There is one thing that make your mine believe that park min young bf is has Park on the last name.. ??


    Park Min Young instagram name is Rachel_mypark ,, MyPark.. Who's Park??? I think there is a meaning behind that instagram name 🤔🤔 ☺☺

  8. Pecachan
    Pecachan says:

    I really don't get the pictures where she is dressed in winter clothes somewhere in Switzerland and he is dressed in more summery clothes and he was in Tenerife (Masca) shooting Youn's kitchen (I'm from Tenerife, I know my homeland -_- ) and the other one where she is in Venezia and he is again in Garachico (Tenerife) while he was shooting Youn's kitchen. You can see the very time he takes that photo, during the series, when he is walking with his co-stars back from the restaurant to their house, at the end of the day and there is a beautiful ocean sunset. Lots of this "evidence" doesn't make sense and its confusing. My thoughts are to let them be. Wether they are or aren't dating we should respect their privacy. I think this was blown out of proportion and they both have strict contracts to follow and rules from their respective agencies. It's harmful to them to be accused of this and undermines their hard work trying to entertain us all with excellent acting skills. I'll be happy for them and respect what they choose to do at the end.

  9. grace tseng
    grace tseng says:

    Min Young said isn't true! And she feel very sad, because of many people don't trust them. She said if she loves someone, she'll honest answer, but isn't true by this time. Only by those picture said they're fulling in love, she's very sad and angry. It will hurt both of them. (So, please stop, sir!)

  10. Anita
    Anita says:

    I would love for them to be a couple but they are not. So all this speculation articles and videos is just annoying. If they were to be a couple one day I would be over the moon happy for them

  11. Belle P
    Belle P says:

    Honestly, at first I thought they’re not dating until I saw these “dating proofs” posted by fans. It can really make you think that there’s some possibility of the dating rumors to be somewhat true. Too much coincidence is just kinda suspicious. Like how similar the shoes and cap PMY wore to what PSJ posted. When I saw it I was like “OMO”. And the Dog too. Haha. This what happened before with the SongSong Couple. But who knows, maybe it was just coincidence. This reports just wants me to ship them even more.

  12. Cherrytomato
    Cherrytomato says:

    Whatever there are, i hope its true they are dating although me myself think these are not a strong evidences.. fans might be too attached with this drama hehe.. they make a great couple… but if its not pmy, the lucky lady would be me or us hahahhaha… dont be angry


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