Park Seo Joon Transformation 2011 -  2018


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  1. Julia Politi
    Julia Politi says:

    I cant find his dramas with english traslation on Viki Rakuten or internet at all. I would really like to see She was pretty and Heal me Kill me but I am not able to . Can somebody pleaseee help me ?? Which site should I visit to watch them ?? Thank you very much 😘😘

  2. clea marie
    clea marie says:

    If you're ok with a young male lead and older woman pair up, you should watch his drama "Witch Romance"… You'll conclude that he is really talented even he's just starting his career…

  3. Annika Park
    Annika Park says:

    I've seen a lot of kdramas and k actors since mid 2000s. But none of them captured my heart. But when I saw PSJ on hwarang, I was like drowned into him. He is such a versatile actor. He can sing and dance. For me he is perfect in every aspect. When i saw him in youns kitchen, that's when I realized that I adored him more. He is very passionate and hardworking. Not to mention he is genuine too. That's my SJ, oppa. Saranghae! 😍😍😍


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