Seo Linn - Buy Me Time


Buy Me Time Caught inside, hollow feeling Faded light, and I’m scared to open my eyes, One foot first, with a sigh Into the sun to cast my shadow behind Oh and …


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  1. timothy Quinlan
    timothy Quinlan says:

    My ancestors came from Ireland. I was born in the U.S but your music is so awesome and so powerful that I can just shut my eyes and be in Ireland. Keep singing and if your ever in Colorado in the U.S I want to get tickets so I can hear you live.

  2. Lente Ilka
    Lente Ilka says:

    Congratulations guys, I've listened to this song about a hundred times already. Just came now to comment Greetings and hugs from Hungary for you! Once I will watch you live 😊

  3. Seamus OhArgadain
    Seamus OhArgadain says:

    I saw them at Milwaukee this year. Great performance, so glad they made it to the largest Irish Fest and hope they'll be back next year.  They autographed their album, "Solas" and  are as dynamic and personable off stage as on.  Get a copy of Solas, you won't be disappointed.  This is the way to keep Irish alive, my making it fun and using modern music not by teaching it like Latin like the Irish Government as vainly tried to do for 90 years.  Hope Oro, some day, becomes the national anthem instead of the boring Soldier's Song.  Anyways, keep up the great work, lads

  4. Cheryl Ray
    Cheryl Ray says:

    I was born and raised in the U. S., but my ancestors are from Ireland and Scotland. When I first heard you sing, it opened up something in me so raw and deep that I was immediately transcended. I love your music so much I listen to you daily. The first song I heard you sing was Oro Se do Bheatha Bhaile and I played it over and over. Sooo great! You are fantastic and gifted beyond your years. I only hope to see you in concert sometime! My best to you always!


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