SEO Tutorial: 10 Detailed Steps to Rank #1 in Google


In this SEO tutorial, you’ll learn a 10-step process to rank your pages higher in Google by using a blog to fuel your rankings and revenue. Subscribe …


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  1. florent petitfrere
    florent petitfrere says:

    This is going to be my very first comment on youtube: Dude it's by far one of the best SEO video I've seen. Many thanks for bringing such a thorough content. I'm currently using your trial version and I'll gladly upgrade later on. Cheers

  2. Becky Knight
    Becky Knight says:

    Wow! You must be a teacher! Awesome information for this teacher! Your tutorial was very helpful. I listened and took notes like I was sitting in a class. You have made the most detailed sense of all videos I have watched (and I've searched through many). I truly appreciated your opening statement that this was NOT going to be a waste of time with personal tips but actual INFORMATION. I am definitely going to follow you, Sam. Thanks again!

  3. Frank Underwood
    Frank Underwood says:

    Whuts up? U guys are spot on !!!! I would also like to hear from you how to rank youtube videos higher on google (in case you that is different from ranking normal websites on google). Greetings !

  4. Taha Mirza
    Taha Mirza says:

    Hi Sam,
    Before i watch this video tutorial, i would like to know whether is this SEO tutorial specially made for beginners ? and is this tutorial a guide made step by step? if not, then can you guide me like what things i have to learn to do SEO on websites the legal way to enhance the ranking of those websites.


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