Top 10 On Page SEO Techniques in 2018 (Backed by Data)


We studied 2 million random keyword searches and share the top on-page SEO strategies to boost your organic Google rankings (backed by data). ▻Subscribe …


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  1. SEO Company Malaysia
    SEO Company Malaysia says:

    Excellent Video with tons of information. I must have to appreciate your research and quality of the videos. The only question left with me is about CDN. If my website speed is quite good in google page speed test, should i still buy a CDN for this or no??

  2. nitin purohit
    nitin purohit says:

    Okey I got it..I will subscribe for your plan next week but I need you or any one of you to suggest some best practise for my website ..I need your help..As the my company owners are new to seo ..I know you can easily lgnor this ..But if can will be immensely appreciate and will be of commence benefits…As there is a. Dry big media house that is associated with us..They are the largest media industry in the world…And pls look into this on a very serious note..Sir..
    .Plz don't ignore this

  3. Bhavesh Dewasi
    Bhavesh Dewasi says:

    Hello sir, i want to use images from others website for my website images gallery, can i do that ? " my website is in India but those are not dealing in India" and is it affect seo ranking ?

  4. Rico Toet
    Rico Toet says:

    Amazing Video! I just have 1 question : We have a directory website. How should we structure our links?
    Should we do /categories/name-category/name-list-item
    Should we do /name-category & /name-list-item , so without their parent link name before them?

    I would love to hear from you and keep up the great work!
    Happy we're using Ahrefs for our site, it's the best! 🙂

  5. Ana Concepion
    Ana Concepion says:

    Could somebody tell me that some of the websites have a very good DR PR but their traffic value is almost less than 100$, while there are sites who have low DR and PR but their traffic value is estimated in Thousands of Dollars. What is the scale to measure the site improvement? If my intention is to get more visitors to generate leads, why should I bother to gain the DR AND PR when my competitors have low DR AND PR but they are getting lots of organic traffic according to ahrefs tool.

  6. Justin Williams
    Justin Williams says:

    Not sure if anyone else bothered to reference your link, but your data was collected over two years ago. I’m no SEO expert, but doesn’t Google amend their SEO annually? For example, Google emphasized CTR will play a more prominent role this year. Tons of other experts cite this, yet your study mentions nothing about it. I just don’t understand why a two-year old study is utilized for something that gets modified so frequently.

  7. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Thanks for an amazing post as usual. As a SEO specialist the only concern I have about getting the most out of these videos, is that I kinda have to purchase a subscription to AHREFS to get access to the tools in the video. $99/month is way too much for me as a freelancer, so does anyone know a way around this? Thanks


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