SEO Advice from SurveyMonkey Director of SEO and Growth, Eli Schwartz

SEO Advice from SurveyMonkey Director of SEO and Growth, Eli Schwartz


Eli Schwartz – – is the Director of SEO and Growth at SurveyMonkey – He came in to answer commonly …


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  1. Stephanie Hughes
    Stephanie Hughes says:

    This podcast is what most podcasts need – i.e. real content and detailed explanation, rather than quasi-inspiration and motivation filler that seems to infect the internet these days. This is probably one of the better podcasts that I have ever heard. I particularly enjoyed some of the correct HTML markup techniques for SEO, PR, organic search v. paid ads and links. Thank you YC and Eli.

  2. DevTips
    DevTips says:

    Great interview, much great SEO advice! One thing, regarding the desktop/mobile question at 28:30. Eli's answer seems very focused on the US market or a B2B market. He doubts "booking an entire vacation on their mobile" or that buying a TV you have to use a desktop – I'm not so sure about this. Perhaps this is the US behaviour. Please optimize for mobile first and ensure your site is crawlable in its entirety on mobile if you are in most other markets, otherwise your competitors will, and you yourself will lose those rankings.

  3. Scott Clark
    Scott Clark says:

    Great job. At BuzzMaven, we do franchise SEO so I wanted to correct you on sites like Roto-Rooter. The national Franchises (at least those we've worked with) have long ago engineered sites to rank locally competing with local markets. We have to employ techniques like those mentioned to crawl every franchisee location's "nooks and crannies" while combining national brand signals at the same time. This is why for most metros, national franchises dominate the most competitive terms. Enjoyed the video!


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