Seo Hyun Jin Evolution 2001 - 2018


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  1. Yes fer
    Yes fer says:

    Wow so she was from sm’s girlgroup? No wonder she has sm’s beauty vibes (?) She kinda reminds me of taeyeon and wendy sometimes. No? Okay.

  2. aimisu _
    aimisu _ says:

    I first knew her through the drama feast of the gods. I never knew she has played various roled in historical dramas and movies. Shes so talented in acting and has a nice voice too.

  3. 홍블리너스
    홍블리너스 says:

    와ㅡㅡ대박..모태미녀닷😍😍😍 화장법이랑 헤어스타일만 다르지 얼굴은 똑같다 대박..😍😍😍역시 sm길거리캐스팅출신 짱이다 현진언니 늘 응원해요😍😍😍앞으로 더 많은 작품으로 와주세요😍😍😍

  4. Summer O'Hara
    Summer O'Hara says:

    Was so surprised to see that she was from a band and was a lead vocalist, she must have had a hard time getting roles and finding a break, so glad that even if it was late it still did come and hope she can find more success as an actress. Fighting!!!!


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