The Future of SEO is on the SERP | BrightonSEO 2018


The good news is: the number of searches on Google keeps growing. The bad news is: decreasing clickthrough rates on organic results ( especially in mobile), …


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  1. Petar Petrov
    Petar Petrov says:

    So, where are we heading with SEO eventually?

    Artificial Intelligence is developing fast, I have serious doubt many of the things that we right now would exist in their present forms, they would have evolved into something very different by 2020.

    These views are based on my own assumptions of rapid development of AI:

    · Google will get tough competition from competitors equipped with Artificial Intelligence, who would give Google run for its money. Some company have taken ahead in terms of search results from google by 2020.

    · Reverse image search in its present form is pretty crude and not very efficient, it relies on existing Algorithms of face recognition etc. I expect this to evolve faster and provide FBI like face recognition easily accessible over the internet in coming years.

    · YouTube would have perfected the search, by able to listen, understand and convert all the content in audio/video files. The video searches would become more precise.

    · eCommerce would become more powerful, easily accessible and Amazon is going to lead the race. Amazon will also have lot to offer to new website / web store / app store owners.

    · ASO – App store optimization would become more intelligent and we will be able to get more and more Apps available to us as search engine would be able to understand not only the content but the context of apps.

    · Virtual Reality : This is something which going to become popular and eCommerce would be integrated with VR in seamless fashion someway.

    Based on these I believe the face of current SEO would have changed alot however, content (text/audio/video) would remain the focus of the SERPs.

  2. Charles Floate
    Charles Floate says:

    I am glad that Rand addressed he wouldn't of thought this several years ago. There has been a lot of SEOs that have both agreed and expressed similar opinions to Arron's.


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