Why Isn't My Niche Site Ranking in Google? The 1-PAGE SEO Checklist (SEO for Authority Websites)


Need more traffic to your niche website? Get the checklist here: http://nichesiteproject.com/offpage-seo-audit/ It’s hard to figure out why your niche site isn’t …


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  1. David Pavel
    David Pavel says:

    I just enrolled in Doug's course while it was open in July 2017.

    So far it has been great. It's a lot of work but Doug has been super responsive via email and I choose the middle package so, as of this writing, he has these "Inner Circle" chats where you get to pick his brain and often others will ask questions you were thinking about etc.

    In the past I've tried so many shady spammy things to try to make a quick buck that I'm so over it.

    I even purchased a "done for you" amazon affiliate site…. Yea, that was money down the drain :/

  2. Scott McClain
    Scott McClain says:

    How does a new guy, who doesn't know anyone yet, get guest post backlinks? I'm sure hiffington post isn't just going to allow me to guest post. I think a lot of people, like yourself, say this to people like us struggling a bit, but it's not that simple. No offense but how is this possible without PBN's?


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