Wordpress SEO: Advanced Technical SEO Made Easy


This tutorial shows how to easily improve your technical SEO using WordPress plugins, configurations, and simple strategies. Subscribe …


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  1. Fitness Fighters
    Fitness Fighters says:

    Hi Sam, I set my site up way before finding your youtube channel and i didn't set the author and datebase to off like you mention to in the video. Consequently i now have duplication issue when i do a site audit. My question is do you have any resources about this situation and how to rectify. Thanks Danny

  2. likemytech
    likemytech says:

    Great video on SEO for WordPress. I finally decided to stick with WordPress even though almost all my sites got hacked or corrupted because I got a Fatal Error Failed to Open Stream notice on almost all my sites. I found the way to fix it and made a video about it also learned about ithemes security plugin. WordPress is used by a lot of companies so hackers are always trying to hack your site. So remember to protect your site first and always always always have a backup solution I use updraftplus to backup to dropbox. After all that is done now I am trying to fix my SEO on all my posts and I am here watching your video. Thanks for your help.

  3. Tech HUB
    Tech HUB says:

    I have a question – I received 500+ visitors on my new website, speed is fine as there is only few blogs but bounce rate is above 93% but site is not lagging at all. Should i worry?

  4. Jenifa David
    Jenifa David says:

    Amazing Tips and tricks. Ahrefs [https://ahrefs.com] is the most Powerful SEO tools yes definitely. SAM HO is my most favorite Person. in fact, we are wondering about it just it coming up and help us. SAM thank you so much…


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