Yoast SEO Tutorial 2018 for Version 7 Major Update


Yoast SEO Tutorial 2018 Version 7 Major Update video lesson shows the Version 7.0 of Yoast SEO Configuration settings. More detail will be maintained here: …


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  1. Md Sk Johnny
    Md Sk Johnny says:

    Sir, I install Yoast few days ago, but face some problem about yoast new update. I can't find xitemap option on left sidebar and do not find advance search option on Yoast feature part. How to solve it?

  2. Susan Moon
    Susan Moon says:

    my search appearance and content type tab are different than yours. I don't have galleries or albums. I have my templates, library and header footer. do I keep those on no?

  3. movie&tv series clips
    movie&tv series clips says:

    i am facing an issue while submitting the sitemap to google search console as it is showing an error . Also i am not able to create backlinks as they show my website url is invalid but the website is working properly. PLEASE HELP

  4. Danny Papazoglou
    Danny Papazoglou says:

    Hello Savas! Thank you for sharing such a great content! What about sitewide meta settings of " Other" tab, that Yoast remove it? How can i exlude the subpages of archives to avoid duplicate content warnings.

  5. Pina Germano
    Pina Germano says:

    Thank You Tolga
    you couldn't have posted this video at a better time. Just yesterday, i was in search console (the new version) and my eyes popped out of my head when i saw that I had all of a sudden 118 pages with errors. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how a site goes from running smoothly to having all these errors. Just today i got an email of your uploaded new video and I'm so glad I checked it out.
    I cannot believe how many discrepancies, the updated yoast plugin created. Not sure why they would do that to website owners. Not many people have the knowledge or expertise to figure it out on their own, thank goodness i've got RankYa to always go to.
    I've made all the necessary re-configurations and my fingers and toes are crossed that everything gets indexed again 🙂

    I went through your video for way more than the 20 minutes you put into it as I paused it and went back and forth to make sure I had exactly what you were pointing out precisely as you had it 🙂
    Thank You Tolga for always putting out great, and helpful videos. Much appreciated.


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