4 Proven Local SEO Tips to Rank High in "Near Me" Search


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  1. Edward Shields
    Edward Shields says:

    You do a great job Neil. Thank you! I'm new to SEO. Helping my friends with their business. Set up GMB, doing minimal Google Ads, and using Analytics. I used Keyword Planner to come up with almost 40 of the highest volume search terms I could find relevant to their business. Their website is fairly small. Is it OK to simply incorporate most or all of these terms in one place, such as 'here are some of the services we offer…', or should they all be dispersed throughout the entire website. Some of the terms are not exactly 'copy friendly.' Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks again!

  2. Method Studio
    Method Studio says:

    Hey Neil, I'm the digital marketer for an architecture firm in Utah. We do national work however. How would I try to rank our website for "near me" searches in other states that we want to build clientele in even though we don't have an office there? Architecture is kind of a unique B2B service, so learning SEO and best practices has been a challenge.

  3. Merrill S
    Merrill S says:

    I appreciate the video. I'm doing a local site for the Greater Boston area and was wondering how to deal with 'near me" searches. Thank you for all the videos!

  4. local hunts
    local hunts says:

    We have. A physiotherapy business, and our location is south delhi, but we deliver all of location for delhi, how to rank for snack pack for all over delhi, yelp like website's for India??

  5. Rohit kirpa
    Rohit kirpa says:

    Sir I use the popular keywords in my Google my business
    My brand name + keyword
    My ranking is high always when I search for the keywords that I add but then I remove the keywords the ranking drop..
    So I want to know is this a good idea to use the keywords in local SEO

  6. Lansing Does Business
    Lansing Does Business says:

    Thanks Neil.

    Question: How can a service business that serves say a 50 mile radius leverage GMB to be listed higher?
    It seems GMB isn't really servioce based bussines friendly. Any tricks?

    Thank again!

  7. Itv is easy to earn
    Itv is easy to earn says:

    Hey, Neil, we love to watch your videos
    I see on the internet that Digital product is the best source for passive income. I think to start it. But how can I make digital product selling site? How to make subscription-based sites? And another Question I think to left my job , I want to make blogging as my career. I am feared for future if my site is blocked or something like that.

  8. Daniel Mac Sweeney
    Daniel Mac Sweeney says:

    Awesome info. Another great way to get seen by people locally is Instagram. You’d be surprised by using the hashtag or location how many local business and people see you.
    Stay Awesome 😎

  9. Sam Samo
    Sam Samo says:


    if I want to rank for a keyword with city, let's say for example: "mobile repair in city A", then I make other landingpage and optimize for the keyword "mobile repair in city B" and then agian other landingpage and optimize for the keyword "mobile repair in city C" and so on. is that good or it will harm the general keyword "mobile repair"


  10. WP Suites
    WP Suites says:


    Great tips!

    Always interesting to see how you explain these things and make them seem simple. I am curious as to how you would explain local SEO to a company that has multiple locations in the same city and those that have multiple locations in multiple cities. How the Local SEO approach changes from a single location to a multiple. I am bringing this up because someone sent me your video and said they want all their locations and directions for each location on a single page so they can show up.

  11. Krystle McConnell
    Krystle McConnell says:

    We have an office but our technicians live all over Northern California and only service near their home. I don't have a physical location for all of our service areas, yet we want to look and feel local for every customer we service – after all our technicians ARE local. We have gotten local phone number in each area code. Is it worth getting a small office in each market to have the physical address? Do we use (and hide) the technicians home address?

  12. Era IT
    Era IT says:

    I really Proud of You SEO Boss. I followed your Website and your Channel. I am Success to amazon affiliation. I Learned so so so so many important SEO Tips from your website and your videos. Today I learned one more important Topics. Thanks.

  13. Ciro Golden
    Ciro Golden says:

    Hey Neil! Awesome video,
    Got quick question for you.
    We ship worldwide… But mostly in North America right now.. do we stay with the 800 or 888 number or in our biggest states, do we grab local numbers that forward to a main number? Ex: California, Colorado,Oregon

  14. Julius Trismegistus
    Julius Trismegistus says:

    Hi Neil! As ever, always going above and beyond. I honestly think you'll become a Warren Buffett of Marketing (long term).

    What are your thoughts about Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles? As a financial blogger, do you think we could find success on it over the long term? If not, what should we do? How about Pillar Pages, do you think it's wise to put Pillar Pages on Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles?

    Hope you could bring this up on your next vid!

    More power, Neil!

  15. Thirteen Hales
    Thirteen Hales says:

    Hi Neil! Great info! 👍🏽

    Can you please clarify how to 'list' nearby/surrounding areas on a local business website? I think I missed that part or perhaps didn't understand.



  16. Manish Roy
    Manish Roy says:

    Hi Neil. I m intermediate level Digital marketert . i want to start hai digital marketing agency as well as Digital marketing institute . i'm little bit confused that how to start my business at intial stage.
    Manish Kumar

  17. Soni Singh
    Soni Singh says:

    Thanks for sharing valuable tips
    i have seen most of the listing with good reviews are not showing on top but with less showing on top

    what needs to be done??
    apart from reviews
    is off page needs to be done and what else apart from off page

  18. Yogesh Pal
    Yogesh Pal says:

    Hi Neil sir,
    I'm a great admirer of your knowledge and
    I want to ask you that where can I get better DA & PR sites for getting backlinks
    Like i am new in SEO world, please reply my comment

  19. Dr Vaibhav Shah- Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Surgeon
    Dr Vaibhav Shah- Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Surgeon says:

    Hey Neil,
    My question is right now there are many digital marketing company who are just into lead generation. They actually do not provide any services. When some one goes to their websites as its on higher rank and better visibility they just verify buyer and sell their numbers to business owner. Do you feel enrollment to such portal or website can be beneficiary to business? In Mumbai if you will search "hair transplantation in Mumbai" probably 70% on organic rank are just third party and not actual service provider.

  20. George W
    George W says:

    Great video guys! Video suggestion: can you give some tips on how to effectively do link outreach? I made an awesome infographic but it only gwts about 5 links for every 100 emails sent. Surely there is a better way to get links…

  21. Andi Qytyku
    Andi Qytyku says:

    I have just start my website and i have follow your rules thanks i was able to rank my website much faster than ever and Ubersuggest keyword searched help me a lot and its for free . Im a little bit supprised why u Neil Patel give this keyword checker for free when u can win with milion of dollars like semrush or moz or ahref etc i hope Ubersuggest stay for free allways dude . Thanks wish u the best .


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