Add a sitemap for more than 50,000 URLs – SEO Snippets

Add a sitemap for more than 50,000 URLs - SEO Snippets


In this episode of SEO Snippets, we discuss sitemap files, which are a great way to make your content known to Google and other search engines. A single …


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  1. Patrick Jonas
    Patrick Jonas says:

    Google Webmasters

    Published on Dec 6, 2017

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    Watch this video for a quick overview of the Ad Experience Report, why it matters for publishers, and how to use it to resolve ad experiences found to violate the Coalition for Better Ads Better Ads Standards.

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  2. Joe Cuviello
    Joe Cuviello says:

    Can a site Map index contain one site map file on the primary domain and another on a different server at a subdomain? For instance my client has a WordPress site at that WordPress generates, and we have a NetSuite ecommerce site that is located at, and that host allows us to autogenerate a sitemap to a 3rd subdomain at I recall trying to do this in the past and it didn't work even though all 3 domains belong to the same subdomain. Before I try again I just want to know what, if any limitations I have.


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