Advanced SEO | How To Rank No. 1 On Google | Learn SEO Step by Step Tutorial in HINDI by SidTalk


Hey Guys, This video is the 9th part of my Web development series in which you will learn what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & How Big companies …


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  1. SidTalk
    SidTalk says:

    Ghuma Fira Ke: Jo Jo mene aapko bataya, Iska market Rate 10-25k INR hai 🙂
    🔥 Follow step for experiment:

    Search "Bulk SMS Service" on google then find and click on Fast2SMS link. If position improve after few days then you can follow that experiment for your website.

  2. Atul Jain
    Atul Jain says:

    Hi Sid, can we make a website using a GoDaddy website builder and still optimize the page for on page SEO ? I am too old for learning HTML or other languages

  3. Arnab Chakraborty
    Arnab Chakraborty says:

    hi sid, I have being through your video over YouTube. I must say you have very good knowledge regards to your topic. I have a request ….. will you please make a video here in this platform regards "Back link higher keys". it would be helpful to me to rank. hope you understand what I meant. thank you

  4. Roshni Mehta
    Roshni Mehta says:

    Awesome explanation sid. Your video about SEO is amazing and in very simple language, easy to understand to non-technical person. Can you please provide me the all your links about SEO so I can go through them in sequence.
    Thank you keep posting such a easy to understand videos.


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