My 15 All-Time BEST SEO Tips (That Get Results)


In this video you’ll see 15 of my best SEO tips. So if you want to get higher rankings in Google, you’ll love the actionable techniques in this video. With that, here’s …


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  1. Legendary BonNia
    Legendary BonNia says:

    Sir Brian's advice is very effective! I am just following his advices ever since to my first channel and it perfectly works! such a GREAT advisor! It is now my second channel and hope you guys help me too by subscribing and watching my videos. Planning to do some advices also in the future works.😉 Gudluck to us!😚

  2. M Yakub Chowdhury
    M Yakub Chowdhury says:

    Dear Brian, I see many videos on a daily basis. However the detailed you explained on a topic, there is very less people in the internet who does it like you. I am becoming your great fan day by day. I am a pioneer freelance trainer in Bangladesh. I want to do your interview by skype for Bangladesh reader. Please advise a convenient time for you.

  3. laaneh official
    laaneh official says:

    yessssss brian you're my hero man! i'm gonna get to work and add some numbers into my top contents title tag and then i'm gonna try linking to top authorized websites as well ( uhhhh i know my english sucks anyway 🙁 )

  4. Eric Thomson
    Eric Thomson says:

    I am surprised that you wouldn't use a keyword that doesn't produce any videos, for your video. I would think that being the first to fill the void would be valuable. Assuming the keyword is otherwise great. I am interested in your thoughts on that idea.

  5. Hoa Ngo Ngoc
    Hoa Ngo Ngoc says:

    Hello. Your video is very interesting and give me a new view about the SEO. I would like to ask you about the
    Tip 14: when you link to an Authority site you usually let it a Dofollow link or nofollow
    Looking forward for you answer, thank you

  6. Richard Harris Coaching
    Richard Harris Coaching says:

    I freaking love your content – your knowledge is world class – and your presentation / enthusiasm is fantastic. The editing, however, puts me off. It gives me a headache when the scenes cut around all over the place every 0.3 seconds like a music video.


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